Beauty Products Selection #2

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So today's products are all about BB Creams!  I have found American BB Creams are a little less than desired.  I purchased Korean/Asian BB Creams because it seems they are better made and there are more selections.  I am still in the process of finding the perfect one.  I have found two favorites, the Lioele Triple Solutation BB Cream SPF 30 PA ++ Whitening Wrinkle Cream and Missha Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream SPF 37/PA ++ in No. 21 (this one is the last BB Cream I talk about today).  I found the BB Creams that are "wrinkle" or "whitening" types generally have a better coverage for me.  I LOVE going to or to buy samples of the different BB Creams offered.  That's how I found the Missha Signautre BB Cream, it was in a sample.  I am going to buy more sample packages till I find a replacement for the Missha one because I have a feeling it won't be sold much longer.  I am actually surprised doesn't sell it, yet.  *I just sent them a message on their site to tell them how sad I'd be if stopped selling it.  I hope they pick up the BB Cream soon!*

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Product #1
Missha BB Cream Shiny SPF 27/PA ++
Price:  $4.99-24.99 USD

I should have read the product review on more before I bought this.  Several people complained of this product making their face too shiny.  That's one thing I do not need help with, being shiny!  I have combination skin, which is oily in the "T-Zone", the middle of the face basically.  I liked the way it went on and was a light coverage.  It smells like baby powder, or at least I thought.  The smell doesn't stick around so that makes me happy!  I will have to revisit this product and give an updated review on it.  I still will use it, but probably for something like "running errands" or "around the house" make up.  Sadly disappointed with this product BUT I found the box and the tube really attractive and pretty.  Maybe I'll just keep it for looks?  *kidding*

Product #2
Loreal Paris Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator  Light
Price:  $14.99-19.99 USD

I was skeptical with this one.  I found it was "okay" to "fair" since it is an American BB Cream.  I again will write a more updated review on this since I used it briefly and moved on rather quickly because I had bought a few other BB Creams at the same time.  I did like that it was closer to the Korean style of BB Creams.  It was nice that it didn't feel like "plastic-y" and wasn't weird smelling.  It is a bit "perfume-y" for me but the smell does not last long.  The color is a little dark for me, even though the packaging says:  Light.  It does blend in fairly well for me, I am Korean so most make up products from America are too white or too pink.  However, I like having a higher SPF in my BB Cream.  The packaging was nice, and the actual tube is similar to the Korean BB Creams.  I liked that it isn't cheap looking.

Product #3
Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream Fair
Purchase: or
Price:  $10.99-12.99 USD
This product I was really excited to try out like the previous mentioned L'oreal product.  I was sad to see how funny colored it was.  I was giving a friend of mine some sample of this from my tube and it was this weird gray/purple color.  *Ew?...*  It went on sheer, a little too sheer for me.  It is the typical American style BB Cream, too sheer--more like a tinted moisturizer--and smelled strange.  Yes, odors do bother me and I will not use a product if the odor sticks around.  I am disappointed in this product, it's not nearly as nice as the Youth Code BB Cream.  At least that one smelled pretty and went on nicer!  Packing was terrible!  I prefered the Youth code one!!!  It's flimsy and also where the product comes out of the tube, it's TINY and you have to squeeze hard.  *sigh*  Thanks but no thanks? I won't buy this one again, that's for sure!

Product #4
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 8-in-1 Beautfy Balm Skin Perfector SPF 30 in Fair/Light Sheer Tint
Price:  $ 8.99-11.99

I was curious in how well this one would work since it was "Dream Fresh".  Such an attractive name too!  I liked how pretty it looked in the store.  *Why am I wanting to buy stuff because it's pretty?...  Nice marketing ploy!*  This was in the Light Sheer Tint.  I didn't mind that.  A few hours after the application, the product felt like a film on my skin.  *ICK!!!*  That's what I was trying to avoid.  *sigh*  Yup, another product I will NOT buy again.  I don't exactly recommend it either but if you really want to try it, go for it.  Just please keep your receipt if you need to return it.  

Product #5
Missha Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream No. 21
Price:  $29.99 USD
I first tried this product from a sample that I got when I bought the Lioele BB Cream.  I fell in LOVE with this BB Cream.  It's amazing...  I love the packaging and the pump bottle pushes the product up as you use it.  That way you are not trying to scrape the inside with a knife later.  This one of the pricier BB Creams I've bought but it is worth it's weight in gold.  It goes on a bit light but after a few minutes the color will adjust to my skin tone and cover the blemishes fairly well.  It smells nice and blends well.  I use a pointed foundation brush or a stippling brush.  I prefer the pointed foundation brush because it leaves less streaks, uses less product and covers up better.  This is my favorite BB Cream so far.  I have found many that I like, which I will mention in future entries, but this is the one I fell in love with first.  I use it sparingly since it's a little expensive but I will cherish it!

I know I was much more critical on the American brand BB Creams but really if you tried them and compared them against the Korean/Asian BB Creams, you'd feel the same way.  They are less expensive, easier to obtain but they aren't nearly as worth their money as most Asian BB Creams.  I say; save up a few extra dollars for the better made BB Creams.  

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  1. Love your posts! As a member of the 29 & holding club I am shopping around for a good anti-aging skin care solution. My first faint line across my forehead is showing up *grr* and eveything I've tried so far has not worked with my oily complection they just wind up breaking me out like a teenager :P Any suggestions? I am contemplating trying out sounds good on the commercial have you tried? Or have any other ideas?

    1. I noticed the drug store brands of the anit-aging products are not good for oily skinned people. I tried several products only to have my skin irriated and some minor break outs.

      I haven't heard of I'll take a look at it though. I would suggest going to Lancome or Clinique counters to have your skin assested.

      I have some creases between my eye brows. If I moisturize properly, the lines won't appear so noticable. Also, if you get any kind of BB Cream that is a wrinkle filler, like the Missha one mentioned in this post, it does help make the lines look less noticable and also they don't show up as much.

      Also use a primer when you put on your foundation/BB Cream. The primer will help your make up stay on longer and also helps fills in the faint lines.

      Good luck!


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