Favorite Youtube Channels Part 2

Here is my continued list of my favorite youtube makeup artists. 

#6:  Cutepolish

I like watching Cutepolish  Designs because she does some really cute designs on the nail.  I believe they are easy looking however I haven't tried any of them yet.  I hope to try some of them because the designs are explained very clearly and her videos have a good quality.  She speaks from a script so she doesn't ramble in her videos.

If you are wanting to watch someone paint nails or need some ideas, check this youtuber out!

I like Klaire because she does very well in describing her tutorials.  She shows you step by step tutorials in makeup or whatever she's videoed.  As well the quality of her videos are good and not too grainy.  I like the different looks shes put together. 

Some of her tutorials aren't an everday look but are fun to try out. 

Jen does some fun looks on her youtube channel.  She is also Korean so her eye lids are shaped similar to mine.  I like that she's able to put on makeup with eye lid stickers and without.  It's encouraging to see that you can wear makeup even with hooded eye lids!

I don't like her rambling when she puts on the make up.  It's frustrating to see how long a tutorials is when she rambles for the first minute or two.  I prefer when she gives a quick introductions to the products she's using and then get into the tutorials quickly. 

#9:  Bubzbeauty

Bubz is so cute!!!  She does some really nice simple tutorials that don't look like they took too much effort to do.  Again she also has hooded eye lids so I find watching her put on makeup easy because it' simliar to how I need to do it to.   I see that she doesn't ramble in her tutorials!!  I can't stress this enough, rambling in a youtube video is very off putting!

What disappoints me is that she is so far away and uses some product that are not available in North America!  Boo!!!  I wish that getting some Hong Kong products would be easier and cheaper than ordering online.

#10:  Fashionista804

I like her videos because they're different and not boring!  She uses bold colors and has fresh ideas for make up.  She has some great trendy ideas that look nice on her and probably on many others.

What I don't like is the voice quality of her videos.  It sounds like she's shouting and there's a lot of fuzzy sounds in her voice when she's doing a voice over.  As well she rambles alot too.  I also dislike when she uses the silly catch phrases that are popular now.  I guess it bothers me because she's trying to do a business with youtube videos and she ends up looking a little silly and less professional.  


Over all you can't find a youtuber who doesn't have at least one small flaw in their videos.  I enjoy watching all my youtube videos because they all have different insights in how to do things.


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