At Long Last!

It seems that it's been a hot minute since I was able to sit down and blog...  I spent a lot of my summer and the early start of the fall season working, a lot.  At work we're down about four people and two new people in training.  However, this means if anyone takes vacation time or calls in sick, we're working to cover their spot.  It's been crazy and I've spent majority time of my days off working.  I try not to but it's been difficult to say no to the over time.  Once we're fully staffed, there won't be any time to work extra.  So if I wanted any extra money I'd have to consider doing a second job.  So right now I am banking all my extra hours at work as compensation time.  Not many jobs offer this anymore but I really like it.  If I ever leave and I have left over compensation time, another check will be cut to me for that time I've banked.  We can have up to 240 hours banked.  Once you've reached that amount, you can only take money fo…

Neti Pot Anyone?

About seven years ago I got very sick with a bad sinus infection.  I didn't want to go to the doctor to get an antibiotic.  To be honest, taking too many antibiotics in your life time is NOT good for your body.  Antibiotics will keep off the good bacteria in your body.  Also your body can build up an immunity to even the strongest antibiotics on the market.  The smartest way is to keep your sinus passages cleared so the mucus doesn't build up and allow bad bacteria to grow in your mucus.

One way to keep this mucus flowing in your sinuses is to use a Netipot.

This one is found in Walgreens.  But any style of a Netipot or sinuse drainer is good.  If you can't do both sides of your nose, because you have a deviated septum, that's okay, just do the side you can.  One side is better than no sides!  I have used this style Netipot when I travel.  It's plastic and lightweight.  On a regular basis I do have a much heavier one that is ceramic.

This particular Netipot is whit…

Make-Up Brush Cleaning Hack

I hate cleaning my make-up brushes.  It really is a pain.  I was using some soap to clean them and wiping them on my palm to clean them out.  I noticed the denser brushes were not getting as clean as I wish they would.  I would try to scrub gently on a silicone textured pore cleaner but it still didn't help.
I had seen on Pinterest people washing their brushes in warm soapy water.  I advise against using warm water.  This may cause your brush to fall apart from the warmth of the water.  Instead I thought of putting a bit of my water cleanser in a cup and let it sit in that for a bit.  I did that and my brush was very clean.  The one thing about the water cleanser is that it's not greasy but removes the make-up.  I also rinse my brush in running water until the water runs clear.

I had mentioned I used the Gariner Skin Active water cleanser for my face and now I will use it to clean my brushes.  Since these products are not oil bases, it seems to clean my brushes very well.  I …

SHISEIDO Sengansenka Perfect Oil Cleansing

As I had previously written about some American brand cleaning water, I also love cleansing oil too.  This isn't a gross oil that will weigh down your skin and make you break out.  This is good for any skin type, unless you are allergic to it, which I don't recommend using any product that you have broken out from.  Though it could be from your diet, yes please put the junk food down and your skin will clear up some.  But the Shiseido Perfect Oil is great for me to use sometimes too.

I have bought this product in my local H-Mart and it worked wonderful.  It comes in a pump bottle and about three pumps works for my whole face.  I massage it into my face.  I wet my face first then pump some into my hands and away I go.  It is like milk on your face!  It feels very nice and removes your make-up.  
This can be purchased on Amazon for about $10.00 USD plus shipping if you can't find it on the Prime membership.  I bought mine in the store and I don't remember how much it was…

Make-Up Removers

I've always been told to remove my make-up when I go to bed.  I've read article after article to remove it.  I've always felt that with oily skin you are more prone to wash it off instead of leaving it on.  I've always wanted to wash my face before bedtime.  It feels much better to sleep with a clean face.  There have been times when I was in college and didn't wash my face but on a general whole, I always wash my face before bed time.  It ranks up there with brushing my teeth at least twice or more times a day.

Anyways I've been looking for a good remover that wasn't something expensive like the Lancome make-up remover I love so much.  I can't see myself purchasing something that is over $20.00 USD when I need to replace it.  I need to actually use it up but I am loving my drug store brands.  They're awesome!  I actually found them on accident when I was in a Walgreens.  I wasn't looking for them but I noticed them and decided it would be good …

IPSY Glam Bags

If you haven't heard of Michelle Phan from youtube, you need to drag yourself out from under the rock you've been hiding under.  She is one of the most famous make up gurus on youtube.  I really find that she does some fun tutorials but she's more focused on her business than she is on youtube lately.

One fun thing I do enjoy about Michelle is that she started IPSY Glam Bags.  I thought it would be fun to try these bags out.  Here's the break down:

1.  Once a month you get a small bag of different beauty products.  The products will be determined by the way you answer a quiz through the website.  It's not difficult and actually a bit fun.

2.  Your bag will come to you in a bright pink bubble wrapper envelop.  I actually look forward to having this in my P.O. Box!  It's a bit exciting to find out what I'll get that month.  In each pink envelop there is a cute makeup bag.  Well, not always cute.  Some I found were a bit ugly.  This month's was much more a…

Baby Face BB Cream and Pore Powder

I have changed the kind of BB Cream I've used since I last blogged about which brand I used.  I've tried dozens and dozens of different brands.  I have settled with Baby Face for the bottled version and another from Missha, which is a compact.  But today I am writing about the Baby Face brand.

I found it on accident when a beauty store had it on sale in my local H-Mart, Korean grocery store, and really love it.  It's nice and light.  It covers my face well and I use a bit of concealer to cover my awful dark circles and any imperfections.

This brand isn't very expensive.  I believe the BB Cream was about $12.00 USD and the powder was about $10.00 USD.  It's fairly inexpensive but of course buying a lot of products together will get pricey.  I did like the pore powder too.  It is white but blends well.  I am fair skinned so it could just be because of my skin tone.  When I'm not using my Missha BB Cream I use this.  But even with the Missha BB Cream compact, I st…