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Favorite Youtube Channels Part 2

Here is my continued list of my favorite youtube makeup artists. 

#6:  Cutepolish

I like watching Cutepolish  Designs because she does some really cute designs on the nail.  I believe they are easy looking however I haven't tried any of them yet.  I hope to try some of them because the designs are explained very clearly and her videos have a good quality.  She speaks from a script so she doesn't ramble in her videos.
If you are wanting to watch someone paint nails or need some ideas, check this youtuber out!

#7:  KlairedelysArt

I like Klaire because she does very well in describing her tutorials.  She shows you step by step tutorials in makeup or whatever she's videoed.  As well the quality of her videos are good and not too grainy.  I like the different looks shes put together. 
Some of her tutorials aren't an everday look but are fun to try out. 

#8:  frmheadtotoe

Jen does some fun looks on her youtube channel.  She is also Korean so her eye lids are shaped simila…

Favorite Youtube Channels Part 1

This website had changed my life.  I can't imagine how difficult it is trying to find a tutorial or what something online without this site.  I believe youtube has united so many people together in different aspects of life.

I wasn't big on youtube for a long time until I began to watch Michelle Phan's makeup tutorials.  She has some fantastic tutorials that helped me up on eye shadow.  What I liked was Michelle is not white, she's Asian, Vietnamese to be exact.  So that helps me figure out how to do my eyeshadow accordingly!

Here are my top picks of youtubers!

#1:  Michelle Phan

I like Michelle as I said before, she was the first Asain youtuber I watched.  I love her old videos where she didn't speak, but explained what she was doing in writing or just watch the video.  Her spoken videos are muche better than some of the other youtubers out there.  She doesn't ramble often but instead used a script.  I find that much better because she doesn't say…

New Years Cheapness

Cheapness this new year...  Oh my!
Well I am not 100% cheap in this blog but it comes pretty close!  I bought several things on sale or I returned an item to get the next one.  
So here we go:
Product #1 Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette:  In the Dark Purchse: Price:  $30.00 USD

(without flash)
(with flash)

I bought this because I saw a Lancome palette that had a dark blue color in it.  I had forgotten I had already purchased the Wet N' Wild palette that had a dark blu color in it.  I could have saved $30.00 USD.  I noticed Sephora doesn't give you the same price back of the product that you purchased.  I think I'll go with Ulta from now on because of that.  I have to admit htat I don't have these colors, other than the dark blue, in any other palettes I own.  I was excited to try the dark blue and found it very nice to use.  I used the E.L.F. eye liner as a base for the color and it was very nice. 

The colors were nice and stayed on very a long time. …

Blogs I love

Other blogs I love are:, Crappy Pictures Illustrations, and

I read these three on a regular basis.  Yes I am a strange one but I think blogging is a hilarious way to get to know other people.  As well it can turn into a full time job!  So in no particular order here are the reasons why I like each blog!

Blog #1

Why do you like this blog?:

Why do I L-O-V-E Petite Mandoo?  She's friggin' hysterical!  I mean what other mother would do the kind of things she does?  I loved reading about her raising her first child, a little girl, and now her second child, a little boy.  She was so cute during her pregnancy with the photos of her belly.  I loved seeing the changes each week.  You'd think that it'd be *yawn* BORING reading about a pregnant woman and now her children.  Nope not this lady, she's full of personality and I'm not sure what else but she's really entertaining!

I love reading the progress of both…