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Nerium Night Pack

A good friend of mine is now a seller with Nerium products.  I never heard of them until she told me about them.  The products sound fantastic and I was eager to try them.  Though I am trying to save money to move out on my own, living with family right now, she sent me a trial sized night cream pack.

I had to read the directions because it felt very thick and it didn't spread well.  Once I read the directions, it made more sent to have a slightly damp face before applying it to the face.  So before bed I take a shower.  After my shower, I put this cream on.  I have to say it's a little uncomfortable when it dries.  But once that goes away, which takes about five minutes, you can't tell the cream is on your face.

My friend recommended to take a photo of the problematic areas in the beginning of the treatments.  This cream is suppose to help with making blemishes of most kinds fade quicker and also improve the skin texture.

One week after using the night pack, which is har…