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Volum' Express: The Rocket Water Proof Mascara VS. The Falsies: Volume Express

I finally purchased Volum' Express:  The Rocket Water Proof mascara.  I think the best way to see which mascara is maybe better for you is by doing a side by side review between this and the Falsies Mascara
#1 Volum' Express:  The Rocket Water Proof Mascara Price:  $5.94 USD  Purchase: or your local drug store

I had just purchased this recently because I heard it was suppose to be fantastic!  I used the last few dollars I had on a gift card to Wal-Mart to buy this.  I was impressed with the wand, it was nice and looked big!  When I put the wand into the mascara tube, I was a little disappointed in how it looked like the other wands from the same line of mascara.  
I tried it anyways.  I didn't curly lashes but it really did make the longer and look nice.  This mascara extended them and made them look like they were curled!  BONUS!!!  I did have to brush them because any mascara makes my lashes look clumpy.  It stayed on and barely smudged on me.  
I tested…