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Eye Shadow Palettes Galore!

I am crazy about eye shadow palettes.  Today's post is mostly about eye shadow palette's I've collected over time.  I was given a large set with lip gloss and blushers but I felt the packaging was cheap.  It was in a large box and was very bulky.  I am sad I couldn't save the eye shadows but many of the colors I would have never used.  I barely used it and I felt bad throwing it away but it was several years old.  After that I wanted to rebuild my eye shadow collection.  I was determined to start it off with good quality make up.  Here's what I've collected so far.
Hello Kitty Mon Amour Set
Purchase:  They were selling it, I can't find it in stores or online
Price:  $17.00 USD at the time it was on clearance

Eye Shadow colors
Passion Fruit Macaroon (shimmery lavender purple)Jardin (matte turquoise blue)Parisian Pink (matte rose pink) Fleur de Lys (iridescent deep purple)Lemon Meringue (matte butter cream)Croissant (golden vanilla)Pistachio (g…

Shopping Haul

Since I was sick I wasn't able to try out too many new products.  I also was trying to curb my spending habits as well.  I am now on a strict budget but this last week I was sent a check from the hospital.  I had gotten sick earlier this year and apparently I over paid on some of my bills.  *That or the hospital over charged me.*  I got a nice check which went and paid off the typical bills that needed to be paid and also saved a little bit for spending!  I was very excited and made my way to the large mall in the city.

I spent alot more than I had anticipated however I feel that I needed a few new piece of clothing, since the last things I've bought were only t-shirts.  I needed some new jeans.  I had lost a few pounds since May of this year.  I also started doing It Works Body Wraps.  It took about a couple of weeks to see a really good result but it's lasted over a month, nearly two.  I did my second wrap last week.  I am waiting to see some results.  I didn't refra…

Saving space in your suite case

I learned years ago to always use plastic zip lock baggies for when you travel with makeup.  Once my mom did do that but the pressure from the airplane was too much and something exploded in the bag that was lost from the airport.  The airport brought the bag to my grandmother's house but half of the clothes were ruined.  Mom was more upset about it.  I was only a young girl, maybe 12?, and told her it was only clothes and later we could replace them.  Never the less we learned a very good lesson, always make sure the caps are on right, tight and in good sealed bag.
Since I was traveling with in a months time I decided to try to find a way to keep the amount of bottles I had to a bare minium.  Ever since 9/11, traveling by plane has never been the same.  Even after that the restrictions of how much fluids/liquid you can travel with is very difficult.  I decided to find something that was small and reusable to travel with in my carry on.  I always travel with an extra pair of clot…

Been Sick....

Greetings to my readers out on the internet.  I know the last few blogs were not as good as my older ones.  I haven't had as much time to prepare for them as I liked.  I had gotten sick with shingles a few weeks back and am still trying to recover from the shingles. 

Shingles are caused from the chicken pox virus that your body holds onto when you get them, usually as a child.  I was very thankful that I had a mild case of the chicken pox and I had a very mild case of the shingles.  It was still pretty annoying and itchy.  It didn't hurt like some people say.  I'm 99% over the little bumps but the places where the shingles were are dry and slightly itchy because it's so dry. 

I had to take Valtrex to help the healing process but by the time I went to the doctor, he said it was mostly healed up on it's own.  Way to go immune system!  Make me proud for healing up after only a few days.  I still took the medication for a few days, made me feel a bit sick, so the ner…

Garnier BB Cream

Garnier BB Cream

Who has tried this BB cream yet?  I tried it, the American brand and was not really liking it.  I felt the light/medium was a strange color compared to the European verson of this product.  I have a couple of swatches of the BB Creams next to each other on my left arm.  I think the European version of this is a better product, though it is twice the amount of ours.  They both have similar claims but the American brand looks different. 

I took a photo of the boxes next to each other.  Let's do a list of what each one claims to do!

Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew Miracle Skin Protector <--American Version SPF 15 UVA Sunscreen Renews Brightens Evens Hydrates
Miracle Skin Perfector by Garnier Daily All-In-One B.B. (Blemish Balm)  <--European Version SPF 15 UV Protection Evens tone and boosts glow Blurs imperfections Smooths fine lines 24 hour hydration
I was reading on…