Saving space in your suite case

I learned years ago to always use plastic zip lock baggies for when you travel with makeup.  Once my mom did do that but the pressure from the airplane was too much and something exploded in the bag that was lost from the airport.  The airport brought the bag to my grandmother's house but half of the clothes were ruined.  Mom was more upset about it.  I was only a young girl, maybe 12?, and told her it was only clothes and later we could replace them.  Never the less we learned a very good lesson, always make sure the caps are on right, tight and in good sealed bag.

Since I was traveling with in a months time I decided to try to find a way to keep the amount of bottles I had to a bare minium.  Ever since 9/11, traveling by plane has never been the same.  Even after that the restrictions of how much fluids/liquid you can travel with is very difficult.  I decided to find something that was small and reusable to travel with in my carry on.  I always travel with an extra pair of clothing and some pajamas in my carry on.  I sound crazy but I have had my suite case lost by the airlines. 

I was in my local Michaels and saw this:

I was wanting to buy some small containers for makeup on but saw these and it was much easier to buy these in the store than online, with the cost of shipping.  I put my makeup in these, I even emptied some of my jars that were nearly empty anyways into these.  I didn't know how little makeup you really do use on a daily basis.  Instead of carrying a full sized BB Cream bottle, I only traveled with a couple of sample packs.  If I use a primer, I can use the sample pack twice.  I bring a few plastic snack sized baggies and store the opened BB Cream sample in those for the next day. 

I brought the makeup in those small containers and it worked out excellendly!  Since my BB Creams were in trial size, I didn't have to do anything with them.  I put everything else, small sized shampoos and stuff in my suite case because if I had to stay in a hotel, they usually have a shampoo there.  I alos realized how little of shampoo I used.  I think I usually over-estimate how much I need to bring.  These two traveling experiences made me see how little I can get away with.  I was excited in how little I use of makeup and how I can conserve it when I do travel.  

I brought six different BB Creams to try out.  I loved having the opportunity to try out the BB Creams!  I had fun with them and was able to tell my sister how I liked them.  I'm sorry I can't seem to get the photos any bigger right now hopefully I can get something worked out, the program isn't wanting to work with me.  I'll try again later.<--Got the photo to be bigger!

Anyways I found that traveling with small containers and samples you get to have a little more and try new items.  I encourager you to find creative ways to cut down on what you're packing with. 

Oh I also put my clothes in these bags:

I think it's worth having a few items that are slightly wrinkled.  All you do is place the clothes in the bag, don't put in too many or it won't work!, and then when you're ready to pack up, push the air out of the bag and you have more room in your suite case!  I found it worth the effort and money.  You can reuse them again and TSA won't be man handling your clothes.  They'll look at it and think, I'm not going to mess with this!, and go on.  I dislike people going through my suite case but if they're looking for suspicious material, go ahead, I have nothing to hide. 

This isn't one of my normal looking blogs but just a few tips of what can help you when you travel.  Stay tuned for next Saturday's blog!



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