The Z Palette

If any of you have not heard of the Z Palette, you may want to find out more about it. 

I bought several of Michelle Phan's Life Palettes and those things are HEAVY.  I love them but having all the blushes together is easier to travel with and store when I want to use one for a bronzer or a blush.  I popped them out with the tool it came with and store them in the Z Palette.  Since Michelle Phan made her pans magnetic in the original cases, it helps with the Z Palette.

The Z Palette is a magnetic storage case for your eye shadows, blushes or lip gloss pots.  I found this so much easier to use and travel with.  You don't have to worry about the pans getting damage because the magnet is strong enough to keep the pans in place and they won't bounce around.

I got the Z Palette several months ago and kept forgetting to blog about it.  *I've forgotten to blog about many items I've bought...*

You can buy the Z Palette on or their website 

You can put round or square or whatever shape or size pans into the palette.  With round ones, I have these, it's a little harder to space them. 

The Z Palette has two sizes, a small and large size.  I got the large size like in this photo.

I borrowed this photo that has a good indication of how you store the pans in the palette.  Borrowed from:

Anyways I love mine.  So the break down:

Both websites sell it for around $20.00 USD plus taxes and shipping.  I found it worth my $20.00 USD but I'd like to get my NAKED palettes de-potted and put all three of them in a Z Palette.  If I do this I will take photos and post this.  Hopefully I'll get to do this soon!

Until next time, stay beautiful!



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