SHISEIDO Sengansenka Perfect Oil Cleansing

As I had previously written about some American brand cleaning water, I also love cleansing oil too.  This isn't a gross oil that will weigh down your skin and make you break out.  This is good for any skin type, unless you are allergic to it, which I don't recommend using any product that you have broken out from.  Though it could be from your diet, yes please put the junk food down and your skin will clear up some.  But the Shiseido Perfect Oil is great for me to use sometimes too.

I have bought this product in my local H-Mart and it worked wonderful.  It comes in a pump bottle and about three pumps works for my whole face.  I massage it into my face.  I wet my face first then pump some into my hands and away I go.  It is like milk on your face!  It feels very nice and removes your make-up.  

This can be purchased on Amazon for about $10.00 USD plus shipping if you can't find it on the Prime membership.  I bought mine in the store and I don't remember how much it was, I think it was closer to like $17.00 USD.  I think it is good in price but I have to say I prefer the Garnier Cleansing Water.  

I like that I can use a cotton pad and wipe my face as much as I need to, to ensure the make-up is removed from my face.  Though this is a nice alternative to the others.  It's a great brand and works very well.  I don't wear make-up very often so I don't use the products often.  But when I do wear make-up, I make sure to remove as much as I can before bed time or when I want to re-do my face.

This product is an important step in caring for your face.  So if you can try it and see how you like it.

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