Neti Pot Anyone?

About seven years ago I got very sick with a bad sinus infection.  I didn't want to go to the doctor to get an antibiotic.  To be honest, taking too many antibiotics in your life time is NOT good for your body.  Antibiotics will keep off the good bacteria in your body.  Also your body can build up an immunity to even the strongest antibiotics on the market.  The smartest way is to keep your sinus passages cleared so the mucus doesn't build up and allow bad bacteria to grow in your mucus.

One way to keep this mucus flowing in your sinuses is to use a Netipot.

This one is found in Walgreens.  But any style of a Netipot or sinuse drainer is good.  If you can't do both sides of your nose, because you have a deviated septum, that's okay, just do the side you can.  One side is better than no sides!  I have used this style Netipot when I travel.  It's plastic and lightweight.  On a regular basis I do have a much heavier one that is ceramic.

This particular Netipot is white or green.  Color is NOT important.  What is important is that you keep your Netipot clean, air dry or wipe with a clean cloth.  Also that you throw away the plastic ones after a period of time.  I'd say maybe three months.  I once broke my ceramic one and had to buy a new one at Walgreens.  They're a bit pricey:  $17.00  USD but they last much longer than the plastic ones.

Why is this helpful when you have bad allergies or a sinus infection?  It helps clear out the built up mucus in your sinuses.

There's nothing worse than NOT being able to breath through your nose.  I am a nose breather.  I can't stand for my nose to be stuffed up.  I have to take allergy nose spray, which I am hoping to get away from.  I really need to start using the Netipot more often.  I do use it every morning.

The first few times I used the Netipot, it was very uncomfortable.  I had trouble getting the correct water temperature and salt to water ratio.  Also learning to breath through your mouth when doing this.  You can't drink salt water, it will make you sick!, so make sure to breath through your mouth, which will close your nose and allow the water to flow through the other side of your nose.  It will feel really weird and mildly uncomfortable.  But after doing it for a few days, or longer, it won't feel as odd.  In fact the longer and more often you use it, it'll feel like second nature!

Unfortunately when you first use it, you will probably look like this guy:

When you use a Netipot or a sinus drainer like this, you should use WARM water and salt.  I don't recommend hot water since it will hurt and possibly burn your sinuses.  Also I'd stay away from cold water, it won't help push out the sticky mucus build up.  Either extreme of water temperature will make it very uncomfortable.  I use pink himalayan salt.  I don't use the packets of the saline mixture that comes with many Netipots.  I prefer the salt itself.  I buy my salt at Central Market or a local health store that sells it in bulk.  Also it should not be coarse size but fine, similar to table salt.

Over the last Christmas holiday, the whole family got sick.  This is not convenient nor was it any fun.  My sister introduced me to a new product that helped me get better very quick.  It's Alkalol.  This is sold in CVS or Walgreens.  You can also buy it online from Amazon or from the website.  I found it works very well when mixed into the salt water.  The Alkalol helps grab onto the sticky mucus and helps it flush out of your nose.  You can use the little plastic nasal drainer but I prefer to use the Alkalol in my Netipot.  You can mix in one teaspoon, or up to four teaspoons of the wash.  It will tingle or sting when first using it, similar to the first time you do the Netipot.  But you will be amazed in how much faster your sinuses will clear out.

Once you start using a sinus cleaner it will help improve your sinuses and hopefully you won't have as many infections.  Also I recommend on bad allergy days, to take a mucus drainer.  A very popular one here in America is Mucinex.  It will help by thinning out the mucus so you will be blowing your nose more often.  Better out than in!

So stay healthy and try to catch your sinus issues before you have to go to the doctor.  That little tickle in your throat, try to take a mucus thinner.  If you go to your doctor and they give your herbal medicine, that's great!  I'd prefer than over pharmaceutical products.

***Please seek professional help if this doesn't help keep your sinuses cleared.  You may have a blockage in your sinuses and will need professional help.  The best thing is to talk to your doctor about alternative ways to keep healthy.  These are only suggestions and what has helped me in the past.  

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