Hello and welcome to my Yea or Nay blog!

I am dedicating this blog to all the products, mostly beauty, that I have tried in the recent months.  I will try to keep updated photos on the products and tell you what I liked or didn't like about the product.  I'll also try to show you what the product looked like on me, if it's beauty or clothing.

I have multiple items to go through, so I am back-dating from probably March or April.  Not all the products will be beauty related, many may be house hold products, clothing or anything else.

Please leave comments or suggestions in what you'd like to see my opinion on.

Thank you for reading!



  1. Awesome idea for a blog :) Luv the posts you've done so far! I would luv to hear about if you try any natural products... We are currently trying to get away from harsh chems and replace them with more natural solutions... Fun so far, we are doing much better on the food end then on the beauty end... Finding a good nitrate free bacon was much easier than finding a the perfect aluminum free deoderant... (still working on that one! lol)

  2. Vanessa,
    I'll work on doing a series of blogs on less chemical beauty products along with foods. There is an aluminum free deoderant. I'll message you about it and it does work but some people's body chemistry is too strong for it. I personally cannot use deoderant because it clogs my pores up and I end up with a rash. The other deoderant makes my skin feel funny so I usually do without. I try to drink LOTS of water and not eat stinky foods, like Kimchee, but I am SURE I stink a little bit when I do sweat. ;)


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