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The Beauty Blender

I had a Sonia Kashuk blending sponge however I had been DYING to try the Beauty Blender.  I am trying to save up for a house right now buying extra things that are more than $10.00 USD is out of the questions without saving up for that first.  I was blessed to have a sister who is into these kind of things.  She has gotten two of them.  I asked her how she liked it and she LOVES using the Beauty Blender.  She gave me the second Beauty Blender since I was wanting to try one.  Let's just say I LOVE it too!

I was very fond of my Sonia Kashuk one too, however the Beauty Blender is much nicer.

I know this is corny however I felt this picture was worth posting...  It's true, I feel my makeup is much nicer once I use the Beauty Blender and I've seen it's much easier to use than a brush.  The brush leaves marks from the bristles and you're having to go over your makeup, again, and make sure you don't have any streaks from the brush.

I noticed there were a few draw …

How To: French Manicure at Home

I have wondered how to do a french manicure at home. I used to buy those white strips of sticker tape to help with making a straight line. I didn't like them because they didn't make the smile line, where your white part of the nail curves, the curve correct for my fingers. I asked a co-worker about that one day and she showed me how to do that with scotch tape. It was much cheaper and a little easier, once you get the hang of it. I had to practice a few times and finally got it.

Here are a few tips about how to do this process.

1. Get some scotch tape. Yes scotch tape will be what gives you the crisp line and makes your manicure look like someone else did it for you!  I usually get the gift wrap scotch tape to do this.  It is stickier and works nicer.  *Tip:  If it takes off your base coat, then take the tape and tape it to the back of your hand a couple of times so it's not too sticky*

2. Your choice of nail polish colors. You can see a variety of color choices now. Ins…

Michelle Phan: em Life Palette Night Life

If you haven't seen my blog before, go to Michelle Phan to see her youtube videos.  Michelle started making her videos for fun, no one was paying her.  She bought everything with her own money and that's where she started.  Humble beginnings and now look at how successful she is!  I'm very impressed and excited for her new makeup line!  I have bought a sample of it and was in love with how nice the product itself was.  It was a sample size, $10 USD, but it was worth to check it out and have very little regrets for the price.  Well the shipping was making it more like $20 USD but come on, her makeup line is through L'Oreal, how bad can it be?  I really do like L'Oreal makeup products because they're higher quality for drug store products.

*I had to borrow many of my photos because when I take photos of my items, they look yellow.  Poor lighting in the house so sorry and I borrowed my photos from the internet, but most came from:  BellBelleBella so go and check…