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Ankle Update

It's now July and I am still recovering from my ankle injury. It's been a long wait to return to exercising and getting around.  I can't stand in queues for a long time.  As well at work we are very short staffed.  I'm hoping to save enough to money from the copious amounts of overtime to move.  I had to spend so much money to pay for the medical expenses.
I am returning from a trip for my nepehw's 5th birthday.  It was super hero themed.  My sister got a company that sends out characters in costumes to come to parties.  It was pretty nice and the children seemed to enjoy themselves.  I even got a photo with "Captian America".  
I hope to return to blogging as soon as I get a better desk to write on.  My back and neck have taken a beating with the small desk I have.  I can't seem to get comfortable on that desk!  It's too short and I feel like I'm always leaning over it to get close enough to type.  Not that this flight seat is any better!
I hope…