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Frozen Dinner Favorites

Frozen dinners.
Dinner for one.
Dinner for none.
Dinner for the lonely.
Okay so I'll admit it, I eat frozen dinners.  I started eating them as a way to make sure I didn't over eat and not be eating fast food.  Reality:  too much sodium.  I drink a lot of water but I don't need that extra salt in my diet.  I don't add salt to my food, maybe black pepper, so I am not fond of seeing 1,000 mg of sodium in my food.
I find them quick and easy when I'm in a hurry at work, since we cannot predict how busy we will be, frozen dinners are easy.  One of the ladies I worked with, she now has since retired, referred to them as:  fresh frozen.  *giggle*  Yup, fresh frozen.  We'd ask around if anyone was going to get something and most of us would reply, "No, I'm going to have a fresh frozen". 
As disgusting as frozen dinners used to be, I have found some that are quite edible!  I remember eating a frozen dinner when I was younger, because I was in a hurry, and…

Favorite Youtube Channels Part 4

This week's porition of favorite youtube channels include to non-makeup channels.  I will start posting about the other hobbies I watch on youtube.

#16:  CookingwithDog

What I love about this channel is the English subtitles with the Japanese subtitles.  It helps when I cannot understand the voice over.  I do appreciate that the English subtitles are accurate and the spelling is correct!  I also like a large majority of the food Chef and Dog cook together.  Everything is very orderly and so neatly done!  I love it :)
What I don't like is when the ingredients are not available in North America or that I am allergic to some of the recipes.   
#17:  ShooRaynerDrawing

I like Shoo's personality and also his British accent!  He is a very easy going person, at least he seems so on his channels, and he explains how to draw in a very simple manner.  He takes alot of time to make his videos and it looks like he dedicates alot of his extra time with his family.  I love watching Mrs.…

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!  This year is the year of the Snake  ssssss

Here's a website to explain a bit of the traditions for Chinese New Year.
No update today just a celebration!

Favorite Youtube Channels Part 3

This is my third set of Youtube videos that I watch.

#11:  saskiasahi/manwomanfilm

I saw this youtuber as a recommendation awhile ago.  Originally I began watching her manwomanfilm videos and then saw she moved to saskiasahi.  I enjoyed watching her first channel and also I keep up with her new channel as well.

My favorite thing about her main channel is how simple and easy she makes everything look.  She doesn't explain what she's doing because she has so many subscribers from all over the world, it'd be too much to always have a translation.  Some of her videos she doesn't have a translations, only spoke in Japanese, so I can't really understand what's going on.  I love the looks she's done and how fun they are.

This is a fun channel to watch!

#12:  atKristasBradford

Krista Bradford is friends with Michelle Phan and they do some collaborations together.  I like how simple her looks are and how I could do them at home. 

I did complain to her once that she …