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Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar

Hello out there!!  I'm really sorry I haven't gotten to blog more lately.  I got caught up with starting a bunch of blogs then side tracked with working, got hurt, got in a minor car accident, working, and trying to keep life together.
I'm not working at night like I was so writing in this isn't as easy.  I had more time to type than I do now.  I work during the daytime so I am hoping to find time after work to do this.  I go home and am too tired to write anything or stare into a computer screen for another long length of time.  
But I have these fantastic starters which I hope to bump out this weekend.  I will have the dates set for Saturdays and hopefully I'll make the effort finish the blogs.  I also hope some day to have blogging as a profession.  So none of my blogs are sponsored.  If they were, I would have written in the beginning of the blog that it was a sponsored blog, aka, I'm being paid.  
So let's get to today's product!
Apparently BiorĂ© …