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Baby Foot

I am not sure that I've blogged about this product though.  I have downloaded photos to show what it does but I can't find the blog where I did write about this product.

Baby Foot Japanese Import Purchase:  H-Mart or Price:  Approximately $20.00 USD

I used this product before and really enjoyed it.  What's in the box are two "booties" that you wear that have the solution to help dry our the outer skin of your foot.  If you have dry and cracked feet, this product might help you.  You wear the booties for an hour and then wash your feet.  They're very easy to use.  The only problem is that the product is mainly in Japanese and some limited English.  However they do have some photos to show you how to use the product.  Also you can go to the website, Baby Foot, and read about it.  
The first time I used it, my feet peeled a few days later and so much skin peeled off.  It was pretty disgusting BUT it was so nice to have softer feet.  You can't use …

Essie Gel Setter Kit

So my previous post was about the Sally Hansen Gel Polish.  I was impressed with that brand.  I was told by a friend NOT to try the Revlon brand, it didn't work as well.  This disappointed me and I have NOT bought it.  Though with painting your nails, it is best to make sure you buff, shape, put on base coat, thin coats of the color, and a good top coat.  This bad experience from my friend could have been because of the lack of the base coat or that the Revlon one really was just that bad.
So the two things I really like about the Essie gel setter is, no light! and no extra polish remover!  I can use it like a normal nail polish.  This totally sold me since I ruined my nails before and it took several weeks for my nails to recover.  Since then, I make sure to take my biotin, which I haven't been taking and my skin is a train wreck, so my hair, nails, and skin look good.
The Essie gel top coat is nice and thick.  It's a bit thicker than the Sally Hansen one and it helps yo…