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Hello to all my viewers out there!  Due to the lack of blogs I've been trying to find the items I wanted to blog about.  I got really caught up in working a lot in my officer and also training our new hires.  It's been great working so much and putting away money but it's been frustrating working so much.  I can't wait to write more and also start up my youtube channel some time in the near future!

I'm trying to save to buy a house.  I don't really want to live in an apartment.  The reasons for that are the following:

1.  If I move into a house that means I have to hire a moving company and I don't want to spend the money on that.
2.  I don't want to move furniture.  I want to get a temperpedic bed that you can manipulate the bed frame.  Try moving that!!!  And I'd like a nice couch that is one of those recliner types.  Yes those are the only two heavy pieces of furniture I'd like to have.  I also want to have more than just one bedroom.  I want…

Magic Straight Perm

When I was in college I had short hair and then grew it out.  When my hair is longer it tends to be really "poofy".  So I bought a flat iron and began to flat iron my hair.  I'd go get a hair cut and my hair would be nice and smooth.  When I tried to blow dry my hair at home, instant poof.  I hated it.  I wanted to get a magic straight perm but there weren't any salons I knew of back then.  So I had to suffer with bizarre hair

One day I decided to get the digital perm.  I loved it.  My mom hated it.  Who cares though, my mom didn't pay for it.  ;-)  Sorry Mom if you're reading this but I really liked it better with a perm or straight perm.  Anyways it helped combat the bizarre curls and either my whole head is curly or my whole head is straight hair, no more in between.  The digital perm lasted for several months and I got it done twice.  So it lasted for about two years.  I loved it.  So much easier and prettier than my half straight or half curly hair.

I de…