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When I was in college I had short hair and then grew it out.  When my hair is longer it tends to be really "poofy".  So I bought a flat iron and began to flat iron my hair.  I'd go get a hair cut and my hair would be nice and smooth.  When I tried to blow dry my hair at home, instant poof.  I hated it.  I wanted to get a magic straight perm but there weren't any salons I knew of back then.  So I had to suffer with bizarre hair

One day I decided to get the digital perm.  I loved it.  My mom hated it.  Who cares though, my mom didn't pay for it.  ;-)  Sorry Mom if you're reading this but I really liked it better with a perm or straight perm.  Anyways it helped combat the bizarre curls and either my whole head is curly or my whole head is straight hair, no more in between.  The digital perm lasted for several months and I got it done twice.  So it lasted for about two years.  I loved it.  So much easier and prettier than my half straight or half curly hair.

I decided to finally get the straight perm.  The hair stylist told me I might want to think about it since the hair under the top layer is very wavy.  No wonder my hair looks like a poof ball even when I blow dry it straight and the dryer is above my head and not pushing the hair upwards.  I had some money saved up and decided to go ahead and get the straight perm.  It cost me a pretty penny but honestly it's really worth it.  I bet I'll have to get some trims but I really needed to stop using a curling iron or flat iron to let the hair grow back and not have so many split ends.  I mean my bangs were full of split end city.  It was kind of gross.

So I sat there with this mixture on my hair, waited for them to put the machine, to heat the perm, on and I sat there marinating.  Literally marinating with this stuff in my hair.  Let's just say it was super smelly and I had a four day headache.  I probably should have brought a large water bottle to drink some water, flush out the smell from my body, and probably would have been running for the toilet a lot.  But in the end, my hair is nice and smooth.  I do find a few stray curly crazies hanging out but those get plucked out or they straighten the next time I wash.

I didn't take any photos of before and after but I found this one online which is really what my hair was like:

Look at how crazy wavy the left photo is.  The right photo shows how straight it is.  I don't need a flat iron anymore and it's nice and flat.  I have a lot of hair so the stylist had to also thin out my hair.  I think the straight perm works better for people with lots of hair than someone with thin hair. 

My mom was always worried how it'd look on me.  She thought it would make my hair look flat and boring.  It actually doesn't it.  It makes my hair look more uniform and much more sleek.  It reminds me of my hair when I was a child.  I had such straight hair as a child that it was super slick and never stayed up.  You had to hair spray it and pin it down.  The older I got, the more wavy it became and unfortunately it didn't stay one way or the other.  

As for information on the straight perm.  It's most likely going to be offered in a Korean or Japanese salon.  I would highly doubt it would be in an American salon only because the machine and chemicals are imports.  I am so happy to have found Hair Story in a city nearby.  It's expensive but honestly it's worth it.  I don't have to set an appointment, I just walk in.  I usually go on Mondays since they're not as busy and early in the morning.  That way I'm not fighting traffic and not many people are in the salon to get a hair cut.

I'll take some selfies here soon but until then I'll leave you with this review:

Straight perms are great to get away from using heating tools, other than your hair dryer.

Stay beautiful,



  1. Love the way it looks on you! Great overview of the process. Loving your tagline too!!!!


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