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Other blogs I love are:, Crappy Pictures Illustrations, and

I read these three on a regular basis.  Yes I am a strange one but I think blogging is a hilarious way to get to know other people.  As well it can turn into a full time job!  So in no particular order here are the reasons why I like each blog!

Blog #1

Why do you like this blog?:

Why do I L-O-V-E Petite Mandoo?  She's friggin' hysterical!  I mean what other mother would do the kind of things she does?  I loved reading about her raising her first child, a little girl, and now her second child, a little boy.  She was so cute during her pregnancy with the photos of her belly.  I loved seeing the changes each week.  You'd think that it'd be *yawn* BORING reading about a pregnant woman and now her children.  Nope not this lady, she's full of personality and I'm not sure what else but she's really entertaining!

I love reading the progress of both her children.  Her daughter is pretty funny and sassy.  I haven't heard of a little girl more sassy than hers!  Her daughter will say things that maybe an 11 year old girl would say, not a someone who is like 5...  It's like she went from 5 to 15.  O.o

Her son is pretty cute too!  He's learning to put together small sentences to request things.  He's such a sweet looking boy but when he wants something, he'll let you know!  Reading about him interacting with his older sister is pretty funny too.  They're close in age so he wants to copy what she's doing and she's trying to be a good big sister!  They're both very cute together.  I hope they have the best relationship as adults as they do now!

Blog #2
Crappy Pictures

Why do you like this blog?:

I saw this on someone else's Facbeook page as a posting one day.  I had to cyber stalk her and find out what she was like....  Boy was I in for a surprise!  She's hilarious too!!!  She's funny in a different way than Petite Mandoo.  This mom, Crappy Momma, has two little boys who have the funniest imagination, EVER.

I grew up with male cousins and things did get pretty interesting.  "Let's blow up the cars!" or "He's dying but wait, here comes Superman!"  Her boys play together and it's pretty funny how they try to use big words in their dialog even if they have no idea what it means.  I think the funnier thing is her craptastic drawings!  I love them!!!

Since I am now an auntie, I am trying to convince my sister to take time to read this particular blog.  Her and her husband adopted a little boy this summer, new born, and I hope this blog will prepare them for the days to come, when said son will begin to talk.  As well, Crappy Momma gives the life lessons of how life will become when you are a parent.  I hope to buy her book when it comes out for myself and also a copy for my sister and her husband.  See Crappy Momma, two purchases from me!

Her famous crappy drawings are pretty great because it just ads more fuel to the humor fire!  I love seeing the angry faces on her boys or the "I'm imaging something" looks too.  They are simple drawings but it takes awhile to do them because she's probably chasing them down, trying to translate what Crappy Baby is saying or chasing the cats because they sprinkled cat glitter everywhere.

I find myself laughing out loud often.  In a foul mood, go read Crappy Pictures, it'll put you in a craptastic mood than before, but in a good way.  ;-)

Blog #3

Why do you like this blog?:

I saw her blog a long time ago but I quit reading it because I didn't really care for the content.  Then I saw her in a video with Michelle Phan.  I thought I saw her before so I looked her up and started to follow her on Clicknetwork too.  Now I follow her blog more often because she does more adverts and also has more blogs about her personal life that I could relate to better.

I love that Xiaxue, real name Wendy, can discuss on her blog why she likes a product or is for/against something.  She is very good at making sure she gives her points clearly and her entry is formatted where any moron can clearly read it.  Or at least this is how I feel.  She outlines it like a boss and any university professor would be please that it's so easy to read!  I feel that many people do not read her blog carefully or though enough because they leave nasty comments or totally misunderstand her.

When Xiaxue is very passionate about a cause she will let everyone know.  She doesn't sugar coat things, she tells it the way it is.  I think I prefer that because if you can't be honest, don't bother blogging about it.  I would say to not be very critical of her use of language.  She has every right to use the words she chooses so cut her some slack.  Though you may not use the language she does, her free rights in her country allows her to say what she wants.  So I back Xiaxue in her freedom of speech and also the topics.

What makes me sad is when people pick on her or say rude comments to her.  She is not a rude person unless provoked, like any other NORMAL person!  I don't believe it is good to be so rude you hurt some one's feelings about their blog or video.  I am sure Xiaxue doesn't mind when people politely and constructively give her advice or whatever.  But be warned, if you are rude to her and attempt to call her a liar, she will make sure to call you out on it.  I do feel that Xiaxue may not want you uninvited "advice".  If she was looking for it, she'll ask but most likely I think people should keep it to themselves.  But that's how I feel.  I think her personality is similar to mine.

I believe she stands up for herself.  Yes she has caused some problems, you can google her yourself and see, but she has learned in her years of blogging in how to handle it in a constructive way and get her point across.  I don't understand why people have to be so hateful towards her.  She has boldly and honestly stated she had plastic surgery. She looks nice with it and I feel if it helps her feel better about herself, then be happy for her!  Plastic surgery is very controversial topic but I think she looks better with it.  She also has commented about having braces as plastic surgery.  I think if it's suppose to make someone feel better or look a little better, why not?  She looked pretty before but it helped raise her self esteem these days so let it be!  If I had the money I'd get my un-even eyelids fixed!  I like her with blond hair or pink hair honestly, it's super cute for her!

Oh and she is pregnant too!  She is currently six months pregnant.   The baby is good size and she and baby are healthy and happy!

Irony:  She married an American who is from the same area I am from.  I used to go to grade school with her husband....  And I work with her husband's cousin.  I about died thinking:  WOW!!!  Wendy came to my area, maybe next time I will see her in town!  Maybe I can get a photo with her and post it here.  Okay so who am I kidding right?  But anyways I do like Xiaxue!!!

So any other blogs I should be reading?  Suggestions?  Go check those blogs out if you haven't already!

Have a great week and tune in next week!



  1. Thank you so much for the write up & including my crappy blog amongst the ones you read!

    1. Thank you Amber! If I ever see you in person, I'll flag you down and say hello :) Thank you for posting your children's antics, love reading about them!


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