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Facial Masques

I purchased several facial masque for myself when I was at Forever 21 earlier this year and also bought my sister some.  She's really big in the masque thing too.  I noticed A LOT of the youtubers I watch use the facial masques too.  The purpose of using them, each one helps your face/skin in a different way, is to help your skin's over all appearance.  
There are two types of facial masques, cloth and mud/yogurt masque.  I have used both and like both.  I actually prefer the yogurt masque more because I feel my skin benefits from it better.  Those are a little harder to find where I am, so I use those sparingly.  My sister was really generous and sent me a package of facial masque in the mail of this assortment:

I've tried a few of them but still need to use them up, I have a large plastic bag full of facial masques that I want to use.  These are the ones among them.  I am unsure of the price, since they were a gift but they can't be more than $4.00 USD a piece.  I bel…

New Products!

As promised I am working on updating you on some make up products.  But today's entry is going to be about my journey with B.B.Creams.

It is now 2013 but back in 2011 I decided it was time to do something about my sallow skin and to find something else instead of foundation.  I had been watching some youtube videos about using B.B. Cream.  I knew there was a Korean make up store near the H-Mart.  I went in and bought $50 B.B. Cream and used it.  I didn't know much about B.B. Creams at the time.  I loved the smell but the coverage wasn't what I was used to.  It confused me in how this product was suppose to help my skin look better.  It made my skin look just as terrible without any makeup on.  I decided to hunt for a better B.B. Cream for my skin.  I think I tried several different B.B. Creams and have found that the majority of the other ones were much cheaper, even with shipping!  
I tried most from and some from Pretty & Cute.  The smartest thing I di…