Facial Masques

I purchased several facial masque for myself when I was at Forever 21 earlier this year and also bought my sister some.  She's really big in the masque thing too.  I noticed A LOT of the youtubers I watch use the facial masques too.  The purpose of using them, each one helps your face/skin in a different way, is to help your skin's over all appearance.  

There are two types of facial masques, cloth and mud/yogurt masque.  I have used both and like both.  I actually prefer the yogurt masque more because I feel my skin benefits from it better.  Those are a little harder to find where I am, so I use those sparingly.  My sister was really generous and sent me a package of facial masque in the mail of this assortment:

I've tried a few of them but still need to use them up, I have a large plastic bag full of facial masques that I want to use.  These are the ones among them.  I am unsure of the price, since they were a gift but they can't be more than $4.00 USD a piece.  I believe that my sister bought them online.

Product #1
Compressed Facial Masque
Price:  $3.52 USD
Purchase:  www.amazon.com

Another facial masque I've seen is a cotton/paper masque that is compressed and you put it into the solution of your choice and the masque expands!  I was very interested in this and purchased some I found on www.amazon.com.  I was having trouble with my face so I decided to do a hot masque of Epsom salt.  It felt lovely and I really enjoyed it.  This particular masque I purchased was either cotton or viscore.  I had to google what viscore was.  It's a material that's very close to cotton and is not made very often due to it's manufacturing adding to the world's pollution.  I LOVED this masque.  It felt so light and nice on my face.  It's also designed much smaller to fit a smaller face.  It fit most of my face except for my nose.  It was a little too short.  But I dislike having a masque in my hair line and hanging off my face.  It was nice to see that it was such a snug fit too!  I'll purchase these again, they were very inexpensive and I was not charged for shipping on amazon. 

Product #2
Compressed Paper Mask
Price:  $2.50-5.82 USD
Purchase:  www.amazon.com

The paper masque I am unsure of how I'll like them.  I will have to order some of these, they're from www.amazon.com and let you know.  But I expect them to be similar to the other compressed facial masques.

Product #3
My Diary Black Pearl Masque 10 pack
Price:   $14.49 USD
Purchase:  HMart or www.amazon.com

I was introduced to these by a friend, we were sharing a hotel room together when our mutual friend was getting married.  This helped on the cost of the trip, paying for a hotel room of $300 by yourself is pretty steep when you're there by yourselves and having to pay for food and airfare!  It made the trip much better and we had a good time going around the city looking for something to do.  She does these facial masques very often and shared with me.  I had brought my own and shared with her too.  These were actually one of my favorites.  

I can buy these on www.amazon.com or in my local HMart, a Korean market.  This particular masque is suppose to help your skin to be silky, soft, moisturized, and to have a pearly luster.  I bought some of these myself and have found my skin is much better looking.  What I don't like about the cotton/paper masque is the instructions advise to not rinse off the serum.  Sometimes the serum is a bit sticky and I don't like the way it feels.  I usually do a masque before I go to bed so my face feels a bit odd when I am trying to sleep.  This is why I prefer the rinse off masque more.

Product #4
Mint Julep Masque 
Price:  $2.39-10.61 USD
Purchase:  www.amazon.com or local drug store

I had used this masque when I was in high school.  It's suppose to help with your pores and skin in general.  I used to find it in my local Walmart but I can't seem to find it.  I'll have to try CVS or Target.  But anyways it's very inexpensive and will last for a long time.  I had to eventually throw mine out, I owned it for too many years and it wasn't working as well as it was when I first bought it.  I liked it was a rinse off one.  I don't like how it flakes off when it gets really dry, so make sure you're not on carpet unless you want to do an extra job of vacuuming.  My skin felt tighter and refreshed from this.  So I'd recommend this one if you can find it locally.

The purpose of the facial masque is to help your skin appear "better".  It takes some time for your skin to show the difference but it is work the extra time.  You can do these while you take a bath, watching a www.youtube.com video, watching an episode of your favorite T.V. show, a movie, or any time you are able to sit down for about 20 minutes.  It's worth the time and money to use a facial masque and you will enjoy the lasting effects in years to come.

So until next time!



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