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As promised I am working on updating you on some make up products.  But today's entry is going to be about my journey with B.B.Creams.

It is now 2013 but back in 2011 I decided it was time to do something about my sallow skin and to find something else instead of foundation.  I had been watching some youtube videos about using B.B. Cream.  I knew there was a Korean make up store near the H-Mart.  I went in and bought $50 B.B. Cream and used it.  I didn't know much about B.B. Creams at the time.  I loved the smell but the coverage wasn't what I was used to.  It confused me in how this product was suppose to help my skin look better.  It made my skin look just as terrible without any makeup on.  I decided to hunt for a better B.B. Cream for my skin.  I think I tried several different B.B. Creams and have found that the majority of the other ones were much cheaper, even with shipping!  

I tried most from and some from Pretty & Cute.  The smartest thing I did was buy sample sizes of the products.  If you are careful and use a primer, you can use one sample package for two days.  The best place to get them is from Pretty & Cute.  They don't charge crazy prices with shipping as amazon might.  As well they have tons of items that are cheap to get and you know you will be getting quality items.  

After one year of using B.B. Cream, my mom commented in how nice my skin looked.  I wasn't wearing any make up and hadn't washed my face yet.  I was happy to see after one year of using B.B. Cream it made my skin tone much more even.  I am not sure if it was strictly the B.B. Cream or also that I had been using a face cream that promoted evening out my skin tone.  Either way I suggest to quit using full coverage foundations and find a good B.B. Cream instead!  If you cannot find yourself breaking away from using foundation, try using it with a little bit of B.B. Cream.  Another suggestion is to use foundation one less day and instead use B.B. Cream.

Now, I cannot stand wearing foundation!  I used to love this one foundation but found it very difficult to remove.  I found a great face wipe from Japan, which I need to buy a new pack of them, that takes off all of your make up!  It doesn't hurt your eye lids or scratch your skin.  I noticed how American face wipes are very coarse and thin.  These are so much better!  I use them when wiping off heavy make up.  *Buying some right now!*

Now back to the B.B. Cream story...

I really recommend finding yourself a good B.B. Cream.  If you have any questions about which one you'd like to try, please message me here or on Facebook.  You can also look through my previous entries and read about my B.B. Creams I've tried.  Shown below are the B.B. Creams I've tried and liked!

Have a fantastic weekend and I'll be posting in two weeks!


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