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Beauty Blender vs. Real Technique's Beauty Sponge

I know it's been sometime since I was able to buy anything to do a review on.  I think after Christmas, which always makes everyone broke, even when you budget money in, you end up having to pay your credit card off.

I tend to forget about certain expenses but this year, I am determined NOT make this mistake AGAIN!  I went to Hallmark and they had some Christmas cards on clearance for under $10 USD.  I got a couple of boxes of cards for $2.00 USD so I have all of those and also some left overs from last year that I'll use the next Christmas.  So talk about trying to save a few bucks.

I also didn't get the Real Technique's Beauty sponge till a few weeks ago.  They were sold out at my local Ulta and I didn't want to buy it online since I wanted to send a couple to some friends of mine.  This I found extremely frustrating since most of the local Ulta's that are near my house were out of the item!  It was crazy...  But I finally was able to take a few pictures and…