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Taking a Break

I will not be posting any new blogs for the month of January.  I decided I needed to take a break from posting on all social media for the first month of the year.  So I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys their time with family and friends!

Posting again February 8th!

Stay beautiful,


Covergirl Clump Crusher

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and are looking forward to their new year plans!
I was trying to find a good drug store mascara that doesn't clump.  That is my mission, always looking for a good mascara that doesn't clump.  Why is it so difficult to find one?! 
I saw this on Sharon Farrell's channel and was curious to try it.  Like all new mascaras it was nice and went on well.  I did like how it didn't smear on my top lashes and then run under my bottom lashes. 

What did I not like about it?  I don't really care for the wand.  It seems to be difficult to apply in evenly.  I'll either get a lot of product on my lashes then nothing.  It doesn't clump up, it's really dry in our house because of the heater right now, but I'd take this over crumbly, clumpy mascara.  It's worth buying to try it from your local drug store.  I did enjoy it and would buy it again.  So if anyone else has tried it, tell me what you liked or didn't like about it…

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

In our family we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus.  So as typical people, we put up a tree, Santas, anything Christmasy and there are loads of presents for my nephew.  This year he is 17 months old and will enjoy opening his gifts...  Or so I predict.

I have to work tonight and tomorrow night, so sad I know!, but that's okay because I took the 26th-31st off!  My sister, her husband and their little boy will be coming in tonight.  I'll suffer the holidays with co-workers, we enjoy each other, and then be ready for family time...

I hope everyone will be spending Christmas with family and friends.  Be safe and eat healthy!

Stay beautiful,


Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara

A few weeks ago I was in Sephora, the store of evil because they have so much fun stuff to try, and wanted to see the price of the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara.  It was only $10.00 USD so I decided to buy it.  There was only one black mascara left so I quick bought along with the Boscia nose strips.  

This mascara is said not to smear.  I have oily skin and I tend to smudge my bottom lash mascara often.  I have tried all the water proof mascaras and they all end up making me look like this:  

Not really but I feel like I look like that when I have mascara smeared on the under eye.  
I was impressed after wearing it for a couple of hours wearing it, I didn't have the mascara ring under my eyes.  I think it's worth it's money but I did find a few things wrong it with.
1.  The wand is so small it's almost difficult to use. 2.  The amount of product in the tube is not enough.
I guess that with bottom lashes it doesn't need such a large application but I'd rather g…

The Beauty Blender

I had a Sonia Kashuk blending sponge however I had been DYING to try the Beauty Blender.  I am trying to save up for a house right now buying extra things that are more than $10.00 USD is out of the questions without saving up for that first.  I was blessed to have a sister who is into these kind of things.  She has gotten two of them.  I asked her how she liked it and she LOVES using the Beauty Blender.  She gave me the second Beauty Blender since I was wanting to try one.  Let's just say I LOVE it too!

I was very fond of my Sonia Kashuk one too, however the Beauty Blender is much nicer.

I know this is corny however I felt this picture was worth posting...  It's true, I feel my makeup is much nicer once I use the Beauty Blender and I've seen it's much easier to use than a brush.  The brush leaves marks from the bristles and you're having to go over your makeup, again, and make sure you don't have any streaks from the brush.

I noticed there were a few draw …

How To: French Manicure at Home

I have wondered how to do a french manicure at home. I used to buy those white strips of sticker tape to help with making a straight line. I didn't like them because they didn't make the smile line, where your white part of the nail curves, the curve correct for my fingers. I asked a co-worker about that one day and she showed me how to do that with scotch tape. It was much cheaper and a little easier, once you get the hang of it. I had to practice a few times and finally got it.

Here are a few tips about how to do this process.

1. Get some scotch tape. Yes scotch tape will be what gives you the crisp line and makes your manicure look like someone else did it for you!  I usually get the gift wrap scotch tape to do this.  It is stickier and works nicer.  *Tip:  If it takes off your base coat, then take the tape and tape it to the back of your hand a couple of times so it's not too sticky*

2. Your choice of nail polish colors. You can see a variety of color choices now. Ins…

Michelle Phan: em Life Palette Night Life

If you haven't seen my blog before, go to Michelle Phan to see her youtube videos.  Michelle started making her videos for fun, no one was paying her.  She bought everything with her own money and that's where she started.  Humble beginnings and now look at how successful she is!  I'm very impressed and excited for her new makeup line!  I have bought a sample of it and was in love with how nice the product itself was.  It was a sample size, $10 USD, but it was worth to check it out and have very little regrets for the price.  Well the shipping was making it more like $20 USD but come on, her makeup line is through L'Oreal, how bad can it be?  I really do like L'Oreal makeup products because they're higher quality for drug store products.

*I had to borrow many of my photos because when I take photos of my items, they look yellow.  Poor lighting in the house so sorry and I borrowed my photos from the internet, but most came from:  BellBelleBella so go and check…

Beauty Blunders: What You're Doing Wrong

We all make beauty mistakes that we don't even know. There were a lot I had done when I was first doing makeup and trying things out to make sure I was doing it right. Often times I did it REALLY wrong. It's really funny to see how far we've come in how to apply makeup correctly. I'm still learning how to put on bronzer. I'm actually still looking for a good bronzer. I think I'll be looking for one that isn't shimmery.

Okay so now onto some blunders we do!

Blunder #1.  Applying concealer under the eyes

I had read a blog where the blogger stated to do swipes under the eye instead of dots.  The swipes help lift up the eye instead of bringing down the skin. 

Do This, Not That

I think this way makes the difference in lifting the under eye bags instead of bringing it down again.  I've tried several different ways and found this one a little more effective.  I've also included the link to the blog entry this blogger wrote on.  So please check her out too!

I'll be doing an entry in two weeks.  Due to work being super busy and I'm currently on vacation my entry will be delayed.  However, it will be legen, wait for it... ... ... ... ... ... ... DARY!!!  
I just got my em Life Palette so I'm excited to use that and I also got some E.L.F. palette's awhile back that I need to use, I've only used one of them ONCE because I've been so busy.  So hang in there and I'll be back soon!
Stay beautiful,

Dating Lies

Dating lies, how do you tell your family how you REALLY met?

Recently I went on a few dates with this guy I met online, from  We were going to meet where he races motorcycles.  His friends and father were going to be there.  Apparently he told his dad we met in a BAR.  Yup, a bar.  Nothing wrong with that except that we DIDN'T meet in a bar.  I don't even go to bars.  (Okay so in my adult life I've gone bar hopping ONE time and to a bar with other friends another time.  I'm not into bars.  I don't really drink.  As of this date, I haven't had any alcohol since FEBRUARY.  Yup, I don't really care for alcohol...)  Anyways I'm annoyed and started thinking, why would he lie to his dad about how he met me?  I did ask him and he told me his parents aren't into the online dating thing.

Online dating CAN be scary.  Yes I started online dating back in circa 2002.  I was safe and careful not to expose too much personal information about myself…

Bioré Cleansing Cloths VS. Bioré Cleansing Oil in Cotton

Cleansing cloths are amazing items to keep with you when you know you're going to be wearing a lot of makeup.  Or at least if you know you're going to have a dirty face.  I think something like this is good for when you aren't around a good water source to clean your face off. 
I've tried so many different cloths and didn't like the majority of them because they are not comfortable to use.  I noticed many of the cloths are very thin and scratchy.  I used this one from Bioré.   It did the job but left my feeling like there was a film on my face.  I didn't like it because it scratched my skin.  The last thing you need is more scratches to heal up.

Product:  Bioré Daily Cleansing Cloths Purchase:  Local Wal-Mart, Target, or Price:  $8.97 USD (Price may vary with count number)
I was reading Xiaxue's blog (youtube video) and saw this product, the Bioré Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets.  I used these before and L-O-V-E this product.  The onl…

Facial Masques

I purchased several facial masque for myself when I was at Forever 21 earlier this year and also bought my sister some.  She's really big in the masque thing too.  I noticed A LOT of the youtubers I watch use the facial masques too.  The purpose of using them, each one helps your face/skin in a different way, is to help your skin's over all appearance.  
There are two types of facial masques, cloth and mud/yogurt masque.  I have used both and like both.  I actually prefer the yogurt masque more because I feel my skin benefits from it better.  Those are a little harder to find where I am, so I use those sparingly.  My sister was really generous and sent me a package of facial masque in the mail of this assortment:

I've tried a few of them but still need to use them up, I have a large plastic bag full of facial masques that I want to use.  These are the ones among them.  I am unsure of the price, since they were a gift but they can't be more than $4.00 USD a piece.  I bel…

New Products!

As promised I am working on updating you on some make up products.  But today's entry is going to be about my journey with B.B.Creams.

It is now 2013 but back in 2011 I decided it was time to do something about my sallow skin and to find something else instead of foundation.  I had been watching some youtube videos about using B.B. Cream.  I knew there was a Korean make up store near the H-Mart.  I went in and bought $50 B.B. Cream and used it.  I didn't know much about B.B. Creams at the time.  I loved the smell but the coverage wasn't what I was used to.  It confused me in how this product was suppose to help my skin look better.  It made my skin look just as terrible without any makeup on.  I decided to hunt for a better B.B. Cream for my skin.  I think I tried several different B.B. Creams and have found that the majority of the other ones were much cheaper, even with shipping!  
I tried most from and some from Pretty & Cute.  The smartest thing I di…

Coming Back Soon!

Oh my!  It's been since March since I last blogged.  OMG, that's a long time.  I had to step away and get some time to myself.  Blogging about beauty products and keeping up with the latest drug store items was hard honestly.  I just didn't have time to write about them and I wasn't trying anything new.  I also am running out of space for all my items.  I also don't really have the money to be buying more than what I need.
I had no extra money to be spending on items that I wanted.  Plus no time or motivation to be doing reviews!  I am getting paid a little more now, but I really spent too much money lately and am trying to start re-saving very fast.  
I have to work a lot more in the recent months too.  We had two employees who moved away and now we are short. So when someone is off for whatever, there is over time to sign up for.  It's great extra money but it really can wear you out!  I'm trying to count my blessing in the extra over time.  I can take it a…

Volum' Express: The Rocket Water Proof Mascara VS. The Falsies: Volume Express

I finally purchased Volum' Express:  The Rocket Water Proof mascara.  I think the best way to see which mascara is maybe better for you is by doing a side by side review between this and the Falsies Mascara
#1 Volum' Express:  The Rocket Water Proof Mascara Price:  $5.94 USD  Purchase: or your local drug store

I had just purchased this recently because I heard it was suppose to be fantastic!  I used the last few dollars I had on a gift card to Wal-Mart to buy this.  I was impressed with the wand, it was nice and looked big!  When I put the wand into the mascara tube, I was a little disappointed in how it looked like the other wands from the same line of mascara.  
I tried it anyways.  I didn't curly lashes but it really did make the longer and look nice.  This mascara extended them and made them look like they were curled!  BONUS!!!  I did have to brush them because any mascara makes my lashes look clumpy.  It stayed on and barely smudged on me.  
I tested…

Frozen Dinner Favorites

Frozen dinners.
Dinner for one.
Dinner for none.
Dinner for the lonely.
Okay so I'll admit it, I eat frozen dinners.  I started eating them as a way to make sure I didn't over eat and not be eating fast food.  Reality:  too much sodium.  I drink a lot of water but I don't need that extra salt in my diet.  I don't add salt to my food, maybe black pepper, so I am not fond of seeing 1,000 mg of sodium in my food.
I find them quick and easy when I'm in a hurry at work, since we cannot predict how busy we will be, frozen dinners are easy.  One of the ladies I worked with, she now has since retired, referred to them as:  fresh frozen.  *giggle*  Yup, fresh frozen.  We'd ask around if anyone was going to get something and most of us would reply, "No, I'm going to have a fresh frozen". 
As disgusting as frozen dinners used to be, I have found some that are quite edible!  I remember eating a frozen dinner when I was younger, because I was in a hurry, and…