Volum' Express: The Rocket Water Proof Mascara VS. The Falsies: Volume Express

I finally purchased Volum' Express:  The Rocket Water Proof mascara.  I think the best way to see which mascara is maybe better for you is by doing a side by side review between this and the Falsies Mascara

Volum' Express:  The Rocket Water Proof Mascara
Price:  $5.94 USD 
Purchase:  www.walmart.com or your local drug store

I had just purchased this recently because I heard it was suppose to be fantastic!  I used the last few dollars I had on a gift card to Wal-Mart to buy this.  I was impressed with the wand, it was nice and looked big!  When I put the wand into the mascara tube, I was a little disappointed in how it looked like the other wands from the same line of mascara.  

I tried it anyways.  I didn't curly lashes but it really did make the longer and look nice.  This mascara extended them and made them look like they were curled!  BONUS!!!  I did have to brush them because any mascara makes my lashes look clumpy.  It stayed on and barely smudged on me.  

I tested this out by rubbing my eyes.  When I rubbed my eyes, my lashes got smashed together and I had to brush them again.  I went to bed with this on, one eye only, and woke up the next morning and found it barely smudged under my eye.  Fantastic!  I did have to use some makeup remover on my lashes but it didn't flake, smudge too bad and came off easily with makeup remover.

I'd recommend this mascara for sure!

Volum Express:  The Falsies
Price:  $4.97  USD
Purchase:  www.walmart.com or your local drug store

I used this for sometime before I bought the previous mascara.  I was interested in finding a good mascara that was water proof.  I bought the water proof version of this and was a little disappointed.  

It smudged A LOT for water proof and was a bit clumpy.  I also felt there was too much product in the wand.  I had to scrape it back into the tube, which also left a mess for me.  *fail...*  I did like how it made my lashes look!  It smudged under my eye after a few hours.  When I rubbed my eyes it didn't mash them together as badly as the Rocket.  This one was a bit of a challenge to wash off.  It was stubborn and I had to be very patient with it.  I would recommend this one too if you don't have oily skin and also the patience to wash it off!

The Rocket.  Despite that it is a little gummy on my lashes, I prefer not to look like a raccoon at the end of the day.  

I heard about the Clinique mascara that is for bottom lashes.  The wand is very small and it's not suppose to smudge.  I'll look into that but not for awhile.

Have a fantastic week and come back next Saturday!



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