Michelle Phan: em Life Palette Night Life

If you haven't seen my blog before, go to Michelle Phan to see her youtube videos.  Michelle started making her videos for fun, no one was paying her.  She bought everything with her own money and that's where she started.  Humble beginnings and now look at how successful she is!  I'm very impressed and excited for her new makeup line!  I have bought a sample of it and was in love with how nice the product itself was.  It was a sample size, $10 USD, but it was worth to check it out and have very little regrets for the price.  Well the shipping was making it more like $20 USD but come on, her makeup line is through L'Oreal, how bad can it be?  I really do like L'Oreal makeup products because they're higher quality for drug store products.

*I had to borrow many of my photos because when I take photos of my items, they look yellow.  Poor lighting in the house so sorry and I borrowed my photos from the internet, but most came from:  BellBelleBella so go and check her blog out!*

So a back story on Michelle...  Michelle had started a makeup line called IQQU.  There were some complaints on the products, I googled some IQQU and wow really horrible things!  Michelle had left IQQU and her name isn't on the website.  Hopefully L'Oreal will be better to her and more trustworthy.

A few Christmas' ago, I was in Sephora and saw this:

I bought it because I love Lancome products too!  I rarely get to use this but I love the full sized eye liner.  The colors are great but mostly for "going out" makeup, not every day.  I rarely get to wear eye makeup because of allergies, I rub my eyes, and I have to put more time into my makeup prep time.

I bought it ONLY because Michelle Phan was on the box.  Sad excuse but I love the colors.  I've played with it and it came out "okay", I still need more practice.  But I love how nice and velvety the colors come out to be and with a primer it looks fantastic!  I'll do some photos when I'm on vacation, maybe I'll make the effort to use makeup?

However today I'm going to mostly talk about Michelle's new line of products:  em.

I loved the "sample" size, I think they're about the same size of the regular product and you could probably pop the pans out and place them into the normal case.  I like the colors I got and also the lip colors are nice!  I'll have to try that when I get home...

Okay so back the topic:  em Life Palette Night Life

When I had purchased my sample sized pans from em, they sent me a $10 USD coupon.  I also had saved up a few dollars in my savings account, and used my free shipping day, which they have often I noticed, and bought this.  They are $75 USD without any coupons.  Shipping is about $10 USD as well, which is ground shipping but it came to me in about two to three days!  So the skinny on how I felt about the packaging:

I liked that it was sturdy.  My mom took a look at it and noticed it was nice and sturdy too.  I like sturdy packaging.  If you drop it, you usually end up with a broke case and have to basically toss it because the product is all yuck inside and honestly trying to do the fix the broken makeup is difficult.  So there's a waste of $75 USD, well more like $100 USD with tax--yes they tax you! and shipping.  *insert super sad face!*

What comes in the package?

Well the packaging has a plastic cover for the eye shadows and lip glosses.  It is a thick plastic that you can use over and over.  It helps protect the product during shipping and I'd suggest to use it during storage.  I had heard a complaint about the powders mixing into the lip glosses.  A suggestion:  Make sure to wipe the extra dust from the eye shadow when you're done using the palette and place the plastic cover back on.  I don't really like lip glosses being put next to the eye shadows either but there is a little trick to fix that!

It also comes with a card to show you how to use the colors.  I think you can mix and match some of the quads, yes they're separated into quads for different looks.  It's pretty nice selection you can get, there are many other life palette colors too.  I chose this one because I don't have many of these colors anymore, had to throw away a lot of makeup some time ago.  It had to be done because the makeup was old and not in good condition.  In this palette, I think the makeup will last because it's easy to store and is well made.

It also comes with stickers that you can place onto the palette to label them.  I did label mine, not sure it's helpful or not but I guess that's kind of nice to see the name of the quad.

The second part about the packaging is that this palette is HEAVY.  Yup, pretty heavy to tote around, which is why it's great these come with a travel sized palette.  It fits one of the quads in it, including the lip glosses.  It's small and light enough you could put it in your purse and it won't take up very much space.  I really like this and will bring it with me when I travel at the end of the month.  I'll take some photos when I get a chance of how I traveled with this product.

As you can see it comes with a pick to take out the pans and place it into the travel size or place it back into the original case.  It also has the tiny brush that most cosmetics come with.

One thing that was very nice was that the way these products close is through a magnet.  I don't like the clasp that is plastic because knowing me, I break stuff often, I would break the clip off and then the case wouldn't be able to shut.  You could accidentally de-magnetize it but I doubt that would really happen.  I'll find out when I bring it on the plane with me, I'll cry and then try to re-magnetize it...

I remember someone mentioned you can see some light words written on the casing.  All the words start with "em".  I like how it's different looking than most makeup cases.  I heard people complain that the packaging looked cheap but it's actually pretty sturdy.  I'd take sturdy over pretty looking any day.

There is a magnet to help keep the pans in as well.  This was nice so I decided to test how strong that magnet was.  I noticed in one case from another company, not sure if it was MAC or not but the magnet didn't hold the pans in the case.  Oops, well big oops if the pans fell out and broke.  I saw how easily the pans slid around in the case, granted the case wasn't specifically molded like these.  I like the set up inside the large and small cases because you know the pans won't fall out easily, even if the magnet is de-magnetized.

I had just put one of the quads into the small compact and noticed the back of the pans, they're labeled with the name of the product.  I know on the back of the large palette, each color in the quad is labeled but I didn't know on the back of the pans they were too!  I haven't seen anyone mention this yet, so check the back of the pan, very neat!

The small compact comes with a mirror which is nice and helps with you can't get close up to a mirror.  I'm very near sighted so I usually use a magnified mirror only because I never learned to do my makeup with my contacts in.  So trying to do is a challenge.  Also you can't put makeup on with your glasses on.  Trust me, I tried it once, it was horrible.

Now onto the actual product!

The actual eye colors are amazing!  I saw in one youtube video, sorry I forget who it was, I'll research it later and find out, and they said you don't even need a primer for these colors to stand out and last.  I tried that and they were right!  It was nice not to put on a primer.  I'm so used to using primers though, the colors weren't nearly as vibrant as when I did put on a primer.  I also didn't need to use as much product with the primer.

The lip colors are nice too.  I've only used those once but it wasn't drying and lasted long enough, about a couple hours, like most lipsticks.  I am not a lipstick girl, I like color chap stick instead.  I noticed a long time ago that lipstick will dry your lips out.  That drove me nuts!  I like colored chap stick and also I don't like having bold looking lips every day.  I like to keep my makeup natural almost the "no makeup look".


Yes spending $75 USD plus is a lot of money however if you buy an inexpensive item or save the money for it, you will get a coupon and don't forget to always buy when they have free shipping.  If you sign up for email rewards you'll get a break financially.

It's actually a good deal for all those colors and the quality of the packaging.  I think it is a little pricey but I was able to set aside some money for it and try it.  I am not being sponsored to talk about the Life Palette but I think it's a great investment for any makeup crazy girl.  It would be a nice gift to give and it's something of good quality.  It may take you awhile to save up enough money to get one, but it'll be worth it and you'll be pleased.  I barely heard any negative comments about the Life Palette, other than the price and the lip glosses getting some of the dust from the eye shadow in it.

I have to try some more products from her line but I've got to save up for it.  Hopefully soon I'll have some extra money to spend.

In the future:

I would like to use my coupon for $20 USD that I got for the first Life Palette I bought and buy another one.  This one listed in the Love Life Palette.  I just need to wait for free shipping and also to save up the money again.  It won't be as expensive as the first one, that was about $75 USD with all the tax, coupon, and free shipping!  I'm all for free shipping!

Stay beautiful,



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