Covergirl Clump Crusher

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and are looking forward to their new year plans!

I was trying to find a good drug store mascara that doesn't clump.  That is my mission, always looking for a good mascara that doesn't clump.  Why is it so difficult to find one?! 

I saw this on Sharon Farrell's channel and was curious to try it.  Like all new mascaras it was nice and went on well.  I did like how it didn't smear on my top lashes and then run under my bottom lashes. 

What did I not like about it?  I don't really care for the wand.  It seems to be difficult to apply in evenly.  I'll either get a lot of product on my lashes then nothing.  It doesn't clump up, it's really dry in our house because of the heater right now, but I'd take this over crumbly, clumpy mascara.  It's worth buying to try it from your local drug store.  I did enjoy it and would buy it again.  So if anyone else has tried it, tell me what you liked or didn't like about it!

Stay beautiful,



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