Bioré Cleansing Cloths VS. Bioré Cleansing Oil in Cotton

Cleansing cloths are amazing items to keep with you when you know you're going to be wearing a lot of makeup.  Or at least if you know you're going to have a dirty face.  I think something like this is good for when you aren't around a good water source to clean your face off. 

I've tried so many different cloths and didn't like the majority of them because they are not comfortable to use.  I noticed many of the cloths are very thin and scratchy.  I used this one from Bioré.   It did the job but left my feeling like there was a film on my face.  I didn't like it because it scratched my skin.  The last thing you need is more scratches to heal up.

Product:  Bioré Daily Cleansing Cloths
Purchase:  Local Wal-Mart, Target, or
Price:  $8.97 USD (Price may vary with count number)

I was reading Xiaxue's blog (youtube video) and saw this product, the Bioré Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets.  I used these before and L-O-V-E this product.  The only problem was that mine dried out.  So I recently bought some new ones because I have some new eye makeup pallets to test out.  These are nice, thick and smell pretty!  My face doesn't feel oily or funny after I use this product.  I enjoy this so much because it is very useful when I'm in a hurry to wash off the makeup.  I was so sad that I hadn't used up my entire packet and had to replace them.  But this product is worth it's money, it's a bit pricey but worth the investment.

Product:  Bioré Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets
Price:  $12.07 USD

I was buying the Bioré Cleansing Oil in Cotton but bought this instead.  It was a mistake however if they don't sell the above product this one is a good backup product.  The cloth isn't square but it's rectangular.  I found it takes the makeup off just as well and smells pretty too.  I don't like the funny film on my skin but at least the cloth itself is very soft!  

 Product:  Bioré Make-Up Removing Cotton
Price:  $10.52 USD

In my conclusion, I'd rather buy the Japanese version of the Bioré than the American version.  The quality of the product is much better and it is worth the waiting time for shipping, which was within a week, and the price.   

So anyone else willing to try this product? :)

Until next time, stay beautiful!



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