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Sephora Four Piece Haul

Welcome my valued viewers!  This week is about my mini Sephora haul:  I love shopping in Sephora and Ulta.  The problem is when I see all the cool items, I go to the register and about faint when I hear the total.  I probably should pay more attention to the prices and use my calculator on my cell phone.  The worst part is standing in line at Sephora.  They have some really neat products in the bins by the check out counter.  Ulta has the same sort of set up, only I like Sephora's better, the line is set up where you see the products in bins while you wait.  Ulta has it off to the side before you get to the register, not nearly as sneaky!  What a crafty way to get you to buy more!  I fell into that trap but the items I bought were worth it.  I went in to buy a $10 USD product and ended up spending nearly $80 USD.

Product #1
Hello Kitty Head of the Class Palette
Price:  $36.00 USD

I am a sucker for Hello Kitty in general.  I own so many Hello Kitty t-shirt…

New Foundation and BB Creams

I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago and I was trying to save on space.  I didn't do very well on my first trip but I did bring sample packets of BB Creams instead of a large foundation or a large amount of BB Cream.  I was able to use those and save space in my carry on.  It was much easier than trying to pick just one to bring with me.  I am showing the prices of the actual bottles of the BB Creams and those prices.  I'll also include the price for a packet of three (3) samples.  I found that using a primer before a BB Cream, you can use the sample packet at least twice.  The primer "stretches" the amount of BB Cream or foundation you use.  So you actually use less of the product.  As well, today we have six (6) products only because I bought a new foundation to try.

Product #1
Neutrogena Shine Control Make up with Rice Protien Complex
Purchase:  Local Drug Store
Price:  aproximately $12.00 USD depending on which drug store

I bought this product in hopes of findi…

House Hold Products Selection #1

This week's products will be not the usual make up products.  Instead they are the house hold cleaning products!  I know, some of them are very popular and probably in YOUR house!  I just want to spread the word there are a few things different that I notice when was shopping.... 

Product #1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Select-A-Size Purchase: or your local grocery or drug store Price:  $3.47

Why would I endorse Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?  Well, our house is nearly 30 years old now.  The counter tops have been loved on, meaning someone's cut food on them instead of a plate or cutting board, so there are a few scratches and the usual wear and tear on them.  I was bored and decided to clean the house.  I was home alone and really cleaned the counter tops.  When you use an eraser from a pencil, you can clean the counter top pretty nicely.  Suddenly the dull color is bright and vibrant.  These erasers will pull up the dust that has settled in the counter top and the color…

Beauty Products Selection #6

 Alright here is the 6th blog in my beauty products I've done so far.  I'll admit it's been alot of fun posting about the different products and why I liked or disliked them.  I hope this helps everyone else out there so they can find something they like too! 
Without further delay, here are today's five products!

Product #1 L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Youth Dark Spot Correcting and Illuminating Skincare Day Cream SPF 30 Purchase: or any local drug store Price:  $ 19.97 USD
I was looking for a cream that would help with dark circles.  I had tried a serum from Clinique but my dark spots were not that bad that I didn't see much of a difference.  I should actually go back to that since I now see some freckling on my cheeks. 
I tired this and found it works okay with my oily skin.  It has alot of sun screen in it, which will help your skin from gettting too much sun.  I think that's what helps with the reventative maintance of getting sun spots.…

Beauty Products Selection #5

Today's blog is primers and foundations.  I have only one primer I found that's drug store and two from high end stores.  The foundations are both inexpensive and can be found as drug store brands. 
I try to find items that are not more than $20 but sometimes when you want a good quality product you have to break the bank a little.  I found most stores will return items if you don't like them.  Walmart is the best about it, just tell them you didn't like the product and yes you did try it out.  No harm there, just annoying to stand in line waiting.  
Product #1 Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Correcting Primer Purchase: or Price:  *estimated $9.56 USD  (I tried to look on but the prices vary from store to store) What did I like about it, nothing special.  It did cover my red spots and some blemishes but it didn't last.  As well it was strange to get the product out on the brush.  You have to turn the tube a…