Sephora Four Piece Haul

Welcome my valued viewers!  This week is about my mini Sephora haul:  I love shopping in Sephora and Ulta.  The problem is when I see all the cool items, I go to the register and about faint when I hear the total.  I probably should pay more attention to the prices and use my calculator on my cell phone.  The worst part is standing in line at Sephora.  They have some really neat products in the bins by the check out counter.  Ulta has the same sort of set up, only I like Sephora's better, the line is set up where you see the products in bins while you wait.  Ulta has it off to the side before you get to the register, not nearly as sneaky!  What a crafty way to get you to buy more!  I fell into that trap but the items I bought were worth it.  I went in to buy a $10 USD product and ended up spending nearly $80 USD.

Product #1
Hello Kitty Head of the Class Palette
Price:  $36.00 USD

I am a sucker for Hello Kitty in general.  I own so many Hello Kitty t-shirts it's nearly frightening.  I don't know the amount but I just bought a new one at Wal-Mart of all places!  It's a Halloween long sleeved shirt.  I usually don't buy clothes at Wal-Mart but the price was reasonable for Wal-Mart brand shirt.  Anyways back to this palette!  I saw this while I was looking at the other items for Hello Kitty.  I thought the eye shadows were fun colors.  I used this palette when I was gone to South Padre for a wedding.  The colors look very intense but they aren't.  I usually use a eye shadow primer anyways so the color will stay.  I was very careful with the purple and the black to put it on sparingly until I knew where exactly I wanted the color.  I didn't take a photo of the final look, which I regret, but it was done very nicely!  I was surprised in the color pay off, it was very bright!  The blush was a cute color but once you passed a brush over it, the pretty design was gone.  I liked the black color because it wasn't just black, it had flecks of purple shimmer in it.  The white was also not just white, but more of an iridescent color to it.  I found you had to use that sparingly if you wanted to use it as a highlighter in the corner of the eyes and just below the brow bone.  I think the best way to apply colors you aren't used to using is to put them on very lightly, as if to outline the area on your eye lid, then pack on the color as you see fit.  I used a flat shader brush, a pointed eye brush and a small shader brush to put on these colors.  I didn't use the gray color yet.  I'll try that one out maybe this weekend with photos!

I did find a shot of myself, "cam-whoring", while I was waiting for my friend to finish getting ready so we could walk down to the beach for the wedding.  I didn't bring a regular camera, just my cell phone.  I didn't blink to show the color arrangement but that's the purple color from the palette.  I didn't want the color too dark, which it would end up.  I did put on false lashes and later used more mascara on the bottom lashes since the top lashes look a bit too heavy.  I'll recreate this look soon.  I used the Urban Decay Primer in Eden.  *My eye brown on the left, which is my right eye brow, needed to be fixed, it's not brushed properly.*  The eye lashes are Ardel Fashion Lashes in 120, Demi Black.  The eye lash glue is the Duo Brush on Adhesive with Vitamins.  It has vitamins in it?  Cool!!!

Would I buy more Hello Kitty eye shadow palettes?  Yes I would and I just did!  I'm so broke from the vacation that I had to use some of my savings to pay it off.  I'm actually watching every dime these days so I am on a serious budget.  I found it online for sale $13.00 USD but shipping and tax came out to be $20.02 USD.  If you send $50.00 USD at you can get shipping for free.  I didn't want to spend $50.00 USD today so I'll just pay $20.00 USD.  It wasn't sold in the stores so I wasn't too unhappy about paying extra for it.  I'll do a review on it too and also photos of the different looks from it.

Product #2
Nails Inc. Westminster Bridge Matte Effect Top Coat
Price:  $10.00 USD

I was at work and a coworker of mine saw someone had posted a photo of someone's nails done in black nail paint with a matte finish.  I have thought that black nails looked very gothic but they are often shown in some movies.  They're a subtle look when done on short nails but long nails they tend to attract too much attention.  Sephora sold two types of matte nail polish.  They were both the same price.  I got this one because the gentleman who was helping me suggested this one.  The other brand, O.P.I. he didn't care for nearly as much.  That was actually $0.05 cheaper but when he showed me how it dried, the polish was very thin.  This one was a little thicker and was very natural looking.  For a man to want a top coat of nail polish, for whatever reason he wants to wear it, I'd suggest this one.  I didn't get to use it, I was so busy doing other things while I was at the wedding, aka sight seeing!, I was unable to use this product.  I did like the texture and the finish.  I'll use it on top of some different nail colors I have at home and have recently purchased so that'll be another blog. 

The price was right and I liked that it's a nice brand.  I'd buy other colors from this brand!  This was the main reason why I was going to Sephora.  I started to browse and ended up with too much.

Product #3
Hello Kitty Compact Mirror
Price:  $19.00 USD

Okay, going along with my Hello Kitty obession, I loved this mirror.  I wanted to get the hand held one, maybe for another day?, I thought this would be good for traveling instead of a big mirror.  It's cute and compact.  I just worry about scratches.  It's nice and flat and will fit in a make up bag nicely.  When I opened it, it didn't flop open, which is good!, but it was difficult to open all the way.  I guess because it's so new, the hinges are tight.  I'd rather have that than my new mirror flopping open and breaking.

Product #4
Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips
Price:  $15.00-$28.00 USD  ($15.00 for 6 strips or $28.00 for 12 strips)

I really HATE that Sephora and Ulta have products at the check out counter while you are waiting in line.  I bought these because I've used the Biore nose strips before.  They don't work as well as when I first started using them.  I need something else.  I used this one from, Holika Holika:  Pig-Nose Clear Blackhead 3 Step Kit

I bought it because I saw it was on Facebook and what could go wrong?  For starters it was all written in Korean, which I don't speak much of or read very well.  I used the product as instructed in the photos and it worked very well. 

Comparing the Holika Holika product and the Boscia they were very good!  I found the Boscia a little longer lasting than the Holika Holika.  I think if I had used the Holika Holika after a shower it would have done better too.  *I'll get another Holika nose strip kit and do a full blog on that too!*

I took a shower then I used this product.  I applied it to my nose and let it dry.  It stuck to my nose very tightly.  Unlike the Biore strip, there were NO pocket of air between my nose and the strip.  When I use the Biore strip, it doesn't cling to the tip of my nose.  Instead there is an air bubble there and I have a difficult time trying to get the strip to lay flat.  I am often very disappointed with my results with the Biore strip.  The Boscia strip hugged my nose so much better!  I loved how much stronger the bond was against my nose and how much better it pulled out the "dirt".  It also covered more of my nose, especially around the bottom part of my nose.  Here is a photo of the strip on my nose:

It was a little big on the tip of my nose but it worked alot nicer than the Biore one!  The air bubbles that you see were because I didn't apply it from the center out.  The next time I use it, I'll have a better understanding of applying this nose strip.  When I waited my 15 to 20 minutes to peel it off, the strip was very difficult to peel off.  *OUCH!!!*  Slowly and carefully I peeled and it pulled out much more than a Biore strip will.  I was very impressed and pleased. 

The next test is seeing how long my pores stayed clean.  I did this on the 5th or 6th of September.  A little over a week later and my nose is not nearly as clear but it stayed clean all weekend for my friend's wedding.  I was very impressed.  The down side is that the Holika nose strip had my nose clear for almost a week.  Today is a Sunday, and my nose is a little bit clogged up.  Maybe I'll do another one of these strips this week. 

I can't say that a nose strip will last very long when you use make up nearly every day.  I was very pleased with the final out come of it.  I shared one with my mom, she hasn't used it yet, but I hope she likes this product too!


I am now in a love/hate relationship with Sephora and Ulta.  I love the products but I hate how expensive the products are.  At least I know I am getting "quality" products, or so I hope!  I hope to do more makeup reviews and also show how I put the make up on. 

Until next Saturday, please share this blog with your friends and don't forget it's updated every Saturday! 



  1. The nail polish sounds so cool! Please post a pic if you can ... I may buy some too!!

    1. I will be posting a photo of nails here soon! I hope to use the matte nail polish too!


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