New Foundation and BB Creams

I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago and I was trying to save on space.  I didn't do very well on my first trip but I did bring sample packets of BB Creams instead of a large foundation or a large amount of BB Cream.  I was able to use those and save space in my carry on.  It was much easier than trying to pick just one to bring with me.  I am showing the prices of the actual bottles of the BB Creams and those prices.  I'll also include the price for a packet of three (3) samples.  I found that using a primer before a BB Cream, you can use the sample packet at least twice.  The primer "stretches" the amount of BB Cream or foundation you use.  So you actually use less of the product.  As well, today we have six (6) products only because I bought a new foundation to try.

Product #1
Neutrogena Shine Control Make up with Rice Protien Complex
Purchase:  Local Drug Store
Price:  aproximately $12.00 USD depending on which drug store

I bought this product in hopes of finding another drug store brand foundation.  I tried this today and was NOT thrilled with it at all.  I thought it felt a bit grainy and I was horrified to see how it "exfoliated" my skin as I tried to appl it to my skin.  I like rice paper and finely milled rice flour for my face but gees, this stuff was about to rip of my skin.  I don't really recommend this foundation unless you need the extra exfoliation.  I am very disappointed in this product because I was excited how it is suppose to help with shine.  I am definately going to return this product!

Product #2
Lioele Beyond the Soluation BB Cream
Price:  $ 12.00 USD for 30 ml bottle  
Sample Packet Price:  $2.50 USD
Purchase: or

I bought the sample packet of this because I've tried the other one that looks similar to this.  I think I like BB Creams that have whitening properties in them better.  The color in this one matches very well to my light skined color but I feel I like the whitening effect because it helps keep my skin from becoming darker and also changing colors.  I would still recommend this one, this is inexpensives to use, as well it works quite well to help heal the skin and stays on very well.

Product #3
Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm BB Cream (Pink) SPF 25
Price:  $21.96 USD for the 40 ml size pump bottle
Sample Packet Price: $2.50 USD
Purchase: or

My sister actually bought this product and didn't care for it too much.  I was excited because I've been wanting this product for a few months.  I bought the sample packets to see how I liked it, I used this while I was on vacation.  I visited my sister and she gave me the bottle since I liked the product.  My sister didn't care for it becaues the coverage wasn't enough for her.  I think she prefers the whitening products as well.  I feel those products have better coverage.  Her favorite BB Cream is the Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream SPF 30 pa++.  I like that BB Cream as well.  I like how it pumps out and you can carefully get enough product out and if you need more, you can slowly pushy on the top and more product will come out.  It doesn't cover as well as the Triple Functions does but it is a nice basic BB Cream to start out on.  I probably won't need to buy this product again, since I rotate all the BB Creams I've bought, but doubtful I'll buy it since I don't like the coverage as much as the Triple Function.
Product #4

Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm BB Cream Triple Functions (Orange) SPF 50
Price:  $30.00 USD for the 40g pump bottle 
Sample Packet Price: $2.50 USD
Purchase: or

This I also tried out in a sample packet.  I squeezed too much out from my sample packet.  I put on primer so it went on very well and covered even better than the BB Cream in the hot pink bottle.  I think the only difference is the whitening product in this one.  I like this one more than the product in the hot pink bottle.  I feel the BB Creams with whitening products in them cover so much nicer and also leave a better finish.  When I can, I will buy the actual bottle of this.  It's not as expensive as the first BB Cream I bought was, but I prefer to stick to BB Creams less than $30.00 USD.
Product #5
Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream SPF 25
Price:  $22.00 USD
Sample Packet Price: $2.50 USD
Here is a unique BB Cream.  I had the sample packets while I was traveling and the product came out in this white/purple color.  It changes color to match your skin tone.  It had a good coverage and wasn't a bad product.  It felt strange to put on such a white product but it did it's magic and I actually liked this product very much! 
Product #6
Elisha Coy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream SPF 45++ Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle
Price:  $48.00 USD for the 50 ml bottle
Sample Packet Price: $2.50 USD
This is the most expensive BB Cream I've used since the first one I bought back in April.  I bought the sample packets for this product and LOVED it.  Again I think it was the whitening and anti-wrinkle product in this BB Cream that makes it so much nicer and the coverage is much better.  If this product was cheaper, I'd buy it right now too.  I hope I can find it cheaper than $48.00 USD.
In all I was super pleased with the majority of the products I've purchased.   I was very disappointed in the foundation I mentioned in the beginning of the blog.  I was hoping it would replace my other stand by foundation that has full coverage. 
Since I've begun to use BB Creams, my skin has looked so much nicer.  I didn't think BB Creams would do such a great job on me but my skin tone isn't as uneven, it's much brighter, and my scars from new blemishes are healing up nicely and are covered very well with the BB Cream.  I feel BB Creams are the new foundations and will hopefully replace them in the future.  I am trying to promote these products so more people will purchase them instead of foundations.
I feel that foundations are limited in colors, they don't make them for people with the yellow undertone, at least here in the USA.  I feel it will help everyone who uses these products.  I know these products may be too light for those with a darker skin tone.  I hope to find products for women who are darker skin toned so they won't feel left out in my blogs. 
I also hated watching videos on youtube or reading blogs about make up products or how to put on make up and I couldn't do it because my skin tone is too yellow or my eye lids aren't creased enough.  I hope to have a more rounded blog that can include everyone of every skin tone.
I'll do a blog on my Sephora mini haul here soon.  Keep reading and tell your friends about my blog!


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