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Beauty Blunders: What You're Doing Wrong

We all make beauty mistakes that we don't even know. There were a lot I had done when I was first doing makeup and trying things out to make sure I was doing it right. Often times I did it REALLY wrong. It's really funny to see how far we've come in how to apply makeup correctly. I'm still learning how to put on bronzer. I'm actually still looking for a good bronzer. I think I'll be looking for one that isn't shimmery.

Okay so now onto some blunders we do!

Blunder #1.  Applying concealer under the eyes

I had read a blog where the blogger stated to do swipes under the eye instead of dots.  The swipes help lift up the eye instead of bringing down the skin. 

Do This, Not That

I think this way makes the difference in lifting the under eye bags instead of bringing it down again.  I've tried several different ways and found this one a little more effective.  I've also included the link to the blog entry this blogger wrote on.  So please check her out too!

I'll be doing an entry in two weeks.  Due to work being super busy and I'm currently on vacation my entry will be delayed.  However, it will be legen, wait for it... ... ... ... ... ... ... DARY!!!  
I just got my em Life Palette so I'm excited to use that and I also got some E.L.F. palette's awhile back that I need to use, I've only used one of them ONCE because I've been so busy.  So hang in there and I'll be back soon!
Stay beautiful,