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CoverGirl Clump Crusher Rave

I have used CoverGirl's Clump Crusher for sometime now.  I heard about it from Shannon Farrell.  She used this product for awhile but has since moved on from it.  I bet if you asked her favorite drug store brand, she'd tell you this one!
I wanted to try this, since I am on a budget and attempting to be thrifty.  She was right, it works fantastic.  I have oily skin and well usually mascara ends up all over my eyes and I look like a raccoon.  I also have serious dark circles under my eyes.  Other mascaras only define it even more. 

The review on this was pretty nice!  I have to add a few things about the product.
1.  It's a dryer formula.        This means it's not wet and messy.   2.  Add layers.        I can let it dry and it won't clump up giving me spider legged lashes! 3.  It's easy to remove.      I don't like rubbing my eyes to get mascara off.  This comes off easily with makeup wipes or with      face wash. 4.  With tax, it's less than $10.00 USD…

How to Save Money

Now that the year is coming to an end, the extra hours of work are also diminishing.  I still have some hours left to work but not like I was before.  I have to say I am quite burned out.  I know in the new year I will be working extra hours because one more person just turned in their two weeks notice.  She is finally retiring from.  After serving 25 years of service, it's time for her to take a break and then start her new job.  I'm happy and sad but more frantic in two things; extra hours of over time if someone is sick or takes vacation time AND another new hire.  I am sure I'll be training the new hire for something when they're hired.  I am sure that'll zap me of whatever energy I have left.

I am trying to save my money, I'm saving more and more since I find more things I want to have a budget for.  Saving is a slow process but I am doing well.  Every pay check I add in small amount of money to save.  This means I cannot buy extra stuff unless I save for …

OcuSoft Eye Lid Scrub Pads

Hello Everyone!

I'm hoping to get some more blogs out and also to buy a camcorder to start my YouTube videos.  It is a slow process for now because for a few reasons:

1.  I got very sick at the end of July and had to go to the emergency room.  I ended up with a insanely large bill, even with having health insurance with my job.  So I am working a lot of extra hours to make up for the money but was given some money from family to help pay it off.  I am now obligated to work those hours but I will be putting that money to good use, my savings account....

2.  Time...  Since I am working extra, I won't be able to test as many items out as I'd like but I bought several so it should be coming out as soon as I am not busy with work.

3.  This is the last reason...  I had a lump in my eye lid.  I had looked up to find out how to get rid of it.  I read to use OcuSoft eye lid scrubbing pads. 

Okay, they don't really "scrub" your eye lids, they're more of a soft pad…

Starting out on YouTube

As I mentioned in my last entry, I was thinking of starting up a YouTube channel.  I am still wanting to do this however I have been so busy with work that I haven't had the energy to tape a video and I'm not sure what I'd do a video on!  So hopefully the first weekend of September I can tape something and start making videos.

I won't have a good camcorder yet, I have to save up for that but I'll just use my Iphone for now.  Most good camcorders are at least $200 USD.  I'm hoping to save money for my own place, living with family, so the camcorder will be one of the last things I will buy until I move out.  I am hoping to save a large sum so I won't be broke all the time and have plenty for emergencies.

So budget has been put up and money is being put away for all sort of emergencies!

If you have any ideas of what you'd like to see, please let me know.

Until next time, stay beautiful.


Announcement: Possible Youtube Videos?

I have no idea when I'd shove this new project into life but I'd like to do a video at least once a month of products of a tutorial.  The problem is mostly the time to film something and also edit it to post on YouTube.  I also do not have the lights or a good camera to do filming with.  I'm hoping to save enough money to get something so I could film. 

I know many YouTube gurus have gotten items for filming and shown what kind of camera they use for their videos.  I would invest in a light that's white not yellow for when I take photos as well.

So thoughts and comments?

The Z Palette

If any of you have not heard of the Z Palette, you may want to find out more about it. 

I bought several of Michelle Phan's Life Palettes and those things are HEAVY.  I love them but having all the blushes together is easier to travel with and store when I want to use one for a bronzer or a blush.  I popped them out with the tool it came with and store them in the Z Palette.  Since Michelle Phan made her pans magnetic in the original cases, it helps with the Z Palette.

The Z Palette is a magnetic storage case for your eye shadows, blushes or lip gloss pots.  I found this so much easier to use and travel with.  You don't have to worry about the pans getting damage because the magnet is strong enough to keep the pans in place and they won't bounce around.

I got the Z Palette several months ago and kept forgetting to blog about it.  *I've forgotten to blog about many items I've bought...*

You can buy the Z Palette on or their website


Beauty Blender vs. Real Technique's Beauty Sponge

I know it's been sometime since I was able to buy anything to do a review on.  I think after Christmas, which always makes everyone broke, even when you budget money in, you end up having to pay your credit card off.

I tend to forget about certain expenses but this year, I am determined NOT make this mistake AGAIN!  I went to Hallmark and they had some Christmas cards on clearance for under $10 USD.  I got a couple of boxes of cards for $2.00 USD so I have all of those and also some left overs from last year that I'll use the next Christmas.  So talk about trying to save a few bucks.

I also didn't get the Real Technique's Beauty sponge till a few weeks ago.  They were sold out at my local Ulta and I didn't want to buy it online since I wanted to send a couple to some friends of mine.  This I found extremely frustrating since most of the local Ulta's that are near my house were out of the item!  It was crazy...  But I finally was able to take a few pictures and…

Hello Blog!

After taking a break from blogging, it was great.  I wasn't trying to test so many products out or find something.  I also took some time away from Facebook and other social media.  It was difficult but now that I am back into social media, it's a little strange to be back.  I have tried a few new items but haven't had time to blog about it.  I have some projects I need to work on here in the next week but I'd like to work on a few new entries so I can catch up on here.

I have a few ideas of what I'd like to change about my blog and how many items I'd be writing about.  I think I'd write about one item really well than writing about five different items at once.  I've started doing that because I was running out of things to write on.  So that's how I'll set this up.  I also was thinking of doing more items that were high end products but easy to buy.

I also recently purchased some items to start making videos.  Maybe start doing my reviews on c…