OcuSoft Eye Lid Scrub Pads

Hello Everyone!

I'm hoping to get some more blogs out and also to buy a camcorder to start my YouTube videos.  It is a slow process for now because for a few reasons:

1.  I got very sick at the end of July and had to go to the emergency room.  I ended up with a insanely large bill, even with having health insurance with my job.  So I am working a lot of extra hours to make up for the money but was given some money from family to help pay it off.  I am now obligated to work those hours but I will be putting that money to good use, my savings account....

2.  Time...  Since I am working extra, I won't be able to test as many items out as I'd like but I bought several so it should be coming out as soon as I am not busy with work.

3.  This is the last reason...  I had a lump in my eye lid.  I had looked up to find out how to get rid of it.  I read to use OcuSoft eye lid scrubbing pads. 

Okay, they don't really "scrub" your eye lids, they're more of a soft pad that has some solution on them to help break down the skin that's covering the lump so you can push it out of the pore.  I had tested it on one that had grown on the bottom of my eye, just before my lashes.  I used the pads until that lump finally popped--similar to a pimple--and it healed up nicely and no more lumpy pore!

I would recommend to cut the pads in pieces.  They are so large you could cut them down to at least in quarters or eights.  I cut mine into small pieces and used one once a day.  I didn't rinse the solution off, I let it stay and it helped break down the lump on my eye lid. 

One day it began to look like I could push the lump out of the pore.  It didn't let me but later some of the skin fell off and some of the lump did also.  *Gross I know?*  But I want to make sure I give enough time to let the pore heal and close up.  I don't want an infection or make the lump come back so no makeup on there.

This is Ocusoft pads I used.  The box was about $10.00 USD when I purchased it from Walmart, in store.  I think it was a good product to help my problem and it did work.  I read the comments about it on www.amazon.com as well and many people were pleased with this product.

I would recommend this for anyone who has mysterious lumps on the eye lid or below it. 

Mine were small like these, but the lump got in the way when my eye lid was folding.  If they don't go away with using the Ocusoft pads, go to the doctor and find out what you can do or WebMD also will give some home remedy ideas as well. 

So once this is healed up I will be testing products again.

Until next time, stay beautiful!



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