Hello Blog!

After taking a break from blogging, it was great.  I wasn't trying to test so many products out or find something.  I also took some time away from Facebook and other social media.  It was difficult but now that I am back into social media, it's a little strange to be back.  I have tried a few new items but haven't had time to blog about it.  I have some projects I need to work on here in the next week but I'd like to work on a few new entries so I can catch up on here.

I have a few ideas of what I'd like to change about my blog and how many items I'd be writing about.  I think I'd write about one item really well than writing about five different items at once.  I've started doing that because I was running out of things to write on.  So that's how I'll set this up.  I also was thinking of doing more items that were high end products but easy to buy.

I also recently purchased some items to start making videos.  Maybe start doing my reviews on camera and posting them on youtube.  I bought a few things for my iPhone to make it easier to do videos.  This is a trial test to see how it'll work.  If it doesn't do so well I'll save up for a regular camcorder, HD, and see how it works from there.  I also have to get a new laptop, mine is really at the end of it's rope.

I realized back in January I was feeling sick.  Actually I've been super tired and the doctor said I had very inflamed sinuses.  I'm starting to feel better but I still feel a bit wiped out.  Hopefully after I get my sinuses feeling better, I'll have more energy.  Then I'll be writing more blogs regularly.

Until later, stay beautiful!



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