Beauty Blender vs. Real Technique's Beauty Sponge

I know it's been sometime since I was able to buy anything to do a review on.  I think after Christmas, which always makes everyone broke, even when you budget money in, you end up having to pay your credit card off.

I tend to forget about certain expenses but this year, I am determined NOT make this mistake AGAIN!  I went to Hallmark and they had some Christmas cards on clearance for under $10 USD.  I got a couple of boxes of cards for $2.00 USD so I have all of those and also some left overs from last year that I'll use the next Christmas.  So talk about trying to save a few bucks.

I also didn't get the Real Technique's Beauty sponge till a few weeks ago.  They were sold out at my local Ulta and I didn't want to buy it online since I wanted to send a couple to some friends of mine.  This I found extremely frustrating since most of the local Ulta's that are near my house were out of the item!  It was crazy...  But I finally was able to take a few pictures and use it for awhile to give a good review of this product.

Item:  Beauty Blender
Purchase:  Sephora, Ulta or
Price:  $19.95 USD

Why is this item so great?  I can't imagine putting on BB cream or foundation without this sponge.  I love the way it doubles in size and also how easy it is to use.  It keeps my hands cleaner and also doesn't discolor the makeup from the oils in my hands when I apply it.  I find cleaning a sponge a little easier than cleaning a brush.  As well I can replace these sponges easier than a brush.  Also I think application goes on smoother than a brush.

With a brush you need to make sure you're doing a criss-cross action to hide brush lines.  This takes up too much time and honestly I don't have a lot of time when applying makeup, I'm already running late....

My only issue with this item is that it's $20 USD plus tax...  I really feel that I could find something a little less expensive to fulfill my makeup geek needs.  I cannot find myself purchasing this kind of item so many times when I see there are other sponges that are $6.00 USD plus tax out there!  

HOWEVER, I can say that this is worth the money if you don't want to mess with buying dupes.  This sponge is amazing in the application, it's sturdiness, the shape and it is really worth it's money in the long run.

I had been seeing the Real Technique's sponge online and the sisters even use it.  I was so interested in this product and I had watched several reviews on that said this product really was worth it's $6.00 USD.

I was concerned that a cheaper product would not hold up it's worth and also that it'd smell funny.  I purchased a couple of dupes from Forever 21 and they smelled like plastic and were awful feeling.  They were too dense.  I don't care for the dense sponges after using the Beauty Blender.  I guess I got very spoiled in using a product that was ingenious!

I waited and WAITED to get my hands on this product.  I found them by mistake at an Ulta.  They weren't in the usual spot and I nearly gave up looking for some for myself.  I grabbed three of them, two are for friends and one for me.  I am sure these two friends will appreciate this product as much as I do!

Here are a few photos I took with my iPhone to show the difference between the two products:

Side by side they are nearly the same size, with the Real Technique's sponge a tiny bit bigger.  It also has a flat side to it as well which I found more helpful in certain areas than using the rounded or tip sides.

As you can see they are different colors but that shouldn't really matter, what matters is the way it does the job.  I like the flat side because it's a bit easier to blend with on the side of my face as well as at my chin.  It also has a tip which helps with the smaller areas that need some extra attention.

They both become larger when wet, nearly doubling in size, and they become softer.  The Beauty Blender is so soft it's easy to squish and use.  The Real Technique's sponge is made of the same or similar product and is MUCH softer than other sponges.  It doesn't become nearly as soft as the Beauty Blender but it comes in VERY close in softness.

They are both easy to clean and dry about the same time.  They return to their original size and shape when stored.  They both don't become discolored in strange areas, unless makeup has been used on it.  I find this the dupe is worth it's money.

Item:  Real Technique's Beauty Sponge

Purchase:  Ulta or or
Price:  $5.99-$10.00 USD

I was so pleased with this product as a great dupe for the Beauty Blender.  It becomes much bigger when wet, it's very soft and made from the same or similar material as the Beauty Blender.  I cannot say how much I really do like this product.

I had decided to use the flat side to put on my makeup instead of the rounded side.  This was a bit of a slower application however I think the amount of makeup used and applied is much better.  It takes time to get used to the difference in the product however it's a great dupe for the price.

On the left is a sponge that is wet and on the right a dry sponge.  

A wet sponge is nearly three and half inches as the dry sponge is just at three inches.  The dry sponge is about the same size as the Beauty Blender.

What can I say?  This is worth the $6.00 USD when you could spend $20.00 USD.  I can get three almost four the same price as a Beauty Blender.  I do like how soft the Beauty Blender is compared to this one but honestly it's such a small difference, I cannot complain.

Final verdict:
Worth your $6.00 USD!  When you are on a tight budget but want something fancy, go for this product and you won't be disappointed!

Until next time, stay beautiful.



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