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Ankle Update

It's now July and I am still recovering from my ankle injury. It's been a long wait to return to exercising and getting around.  I can't stand in queues for a long time.  As well at work we are very short staffed.  I'm hoping to save enough to money from the copious amounts of overtime to move.  I had to spend so much money to pay for the medical expenses.
I am returning from a trip for my nepehw's 5th birthday.  It was super hero themed.  My sister got a company that sends out characters in costumes to come to parties.  It was pretty nice and the children seemed to enjoy themselves.  I even got a photo with "Captian America".  
I hope to return to blogging as soon as I get a better desk to write on.  My back and neck have taken a beating with the small desk I have.  I can't seem to get comfortable on that desk!  It's too short and I feel like I'm always leaning over it to get close enough to type.  Not that this flight seat is any better!
I hope…

Ankle Injury

So how do I start off the new year?  A little less than a month after the new year, I slip off the front porch of my boyfriend's house and sprained my ankle.  Yes, a very serious sprain.  It wasn't a little roll of the ankle, it was a full blown, my foot is now perpendicular to the ground.  As I was falling I realized this wasn't going to end well for me.  No, it didn't end well, not at all.

It is four weeks later and I am in physical therapy.  It wears me out, the next day I'm totally sore and my foot has stopped showing the bruising but deep down in the muscle, something else is bruised.  I'm totally uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time or standing.  Walking is limited as well.  It's a painful process but it's getting there.

I read several medical articles and reading up on why do sprains hurt so much more than breaking your foot.  Breaking your bone is much easier because the bone has an unlimited blood supply while tendons and ligaments d…