Ankle Injury

So how do I start off the new year?  A little less than a month after the new year, I slip off the front porch of my boyfriend's house and sprained my ankle.  Yes, a very serious sprain.  It wasn't a little roll of the ankle, it was a full blown, my foot is now perpendicular to the ground.  As I was falling I realized this wasn't going to end well for me.  No, it didn't end well, not at all.

It is four weeks later and I am in physical therapy.  It wears me out, the next day I'm totally sore and my foot has stopped showing the bruising but deep down in the muscle, something else is bruised.  I'm totally uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time or standing.  Walking is limited as well.  It's a painful process but it's getting there.

I read several medical articles and reading up on why do sprains hurt so much more than breaking your foot.  Breaking your bone is much easier because the bone has an unlimited blood supply while tendons and ligaments don't.  They have a very limited blood supply and when that supply is cut off, it's very difficult for it to come back.  Also, the muscles are a real nightmare to heal.  This is why I'm doing therapy.  The muscles will tighten up so badly that walking will be a challenge.

I don't know if I tore something or stressed something out so badly that's what's causing my pain.  But either way, I will not be able to focus on much.  I was given a prescription but never filled it.  I read up the side effects and I wasn't going to take that medication.  Like many medications, the side effects can be very bad but with narcotic like medications I wouldn't take them.  I decided to opt out on that and take over the counter pain medication.  This helps a little bit but honestly, it isn't taking the edge off.  Plus I am sure my liver is going to be super angry at me later.

So I have a lot of products I have tried out but haven't had time to sit down and write about.  I will be hopefully doing that soon....
Cheers to everyone!


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