Beauty Blunders: What You're Doing Wrong

We all make beauty mistakes that we don't even know. There were a lot I had done when I was first doing makeup and trying things out to make sure I was doing it right. Often times I did it REALLY wrong. It's really funny to see how far we've come in how to apply makeup correctly. I'm still learning how to put on bronzer. I'm actually still looking for a good bronzer. I think I'll be looking for one that isn't shimmery.

Okay so now onto some blunders we do!

Blunder #1.  Applying concealer under the eyes

I had read a blog where the blogger stated to do swipes under the eye instead of dots.  The swipes help lift up the eye instead of bringing down the skin. 

I think this way makes the difference in lifting the under eye bags instead of bringing it down again.  I've tried several different ways and found this one a little more effective.  I've also included the link to the blog entry this blogger wrote on.  So please check her out too!

Blunder #2.  Applying Eyeliner On Water Line

I had been watching Dr. Oz while I was at home with family when I couldn't sleep, I work the night shift.  I saw that Dr. Oz had asked the audience if they applied eyeliner to the water line.  He had asked several other questions and most of the women were doing most of the blunders.  *yuck*  He asked about lining the water line and explained that lining the water line is actually dangerous.  Doing this blocks the pores in the skin there and can cause infections.  I rarely line my eyes because my lashes are super curly and get in the way.  

I do have to say that trying to line your waterline is difficult because the pencils are hard and it hurts!  I don't recommend doing this often only because you can cause an infection.  BUT if you keep your pencils sharpened and in a clean environment then you probably won't get an infection.  Dr. Oz did mention that you need to remove your makeup BEFORE you go to sleep.  There are so many people who don't remove their makeup before bedtime.  I don't know about you, but I HAVE to...  Anyways please don't line your waterline often.

Blunder #3.  Not Washing Your Face Before Bed


Dr. Oz asked his audience if they didn't wash their faces before bed.  I honestly think that's pretty gross NOT to wash your face before bed and when you first wake up.  Your makeup was on your face all day/night and all the toxins are mixed in.  YOU SHOULD WASH YOUR FACE!!

The dirt, toxins, makeup and sebum from your face are blocking your pores.  So when you take a shower or take a few minutes to wash your face before bed and when you wake up!  When you clean your face, you'll have less of a chance of having a break out and damaging your skin.

This is how I wish I looked when I wash my face.  Wishful thinking ;-)

So any other blunders you've noticed that you do?  Not washing your brushes, using old mascara, using REALLY old eye shadows?  Please let me know and I'll discuss these soon!

Stay beautiful,



  1. Such a great write-up! I'm guilty of quite a few of these ... especially keeping make-up for far too long. It's tough when I only use some of my buys for special occasions -- which are now few and far between as a new mom. ;) I always want to keep them to use "one more time". You've inspired me to clean out the make-up drawer! ;)


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