Beauty Products Selection #6

Alright here is the 6th blog in my beauty products I've done so far.  I'll admit it's been alot of fun posting about the different products and why I liked or disliked them.  I hope this helps everyone else out there so they can find something they like too! 

Without further delay, here are today's five products!

Product #1
L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Youth Dark Spot Correcting and Illuminating Skincare Day Cream SPF 30
Purchase: or any local drug store
Price:  $ 19.97 USD

I was looking for a cream that would help with dark circles.  I had tried a serum from Clinique but my dark spots were not that bad that I didn't see much of a difference.  I should actually go back to that since I now see some freckling on my cheeks. 

I tired this and found it works okay with my oily skin.  It has alot of sun screen in it, which will help your skin from gettting too much sun.  I think that's what helps with the reventative maintance of getting sun spots.  At first I started to break out from it because it's so heavy of a cream that I used less of it and also gave my skin a break from it.  I was recently in sunny California and I had to use more sun screen on my face since I was driving during the day and the sun was out EVERY day.  I liked how it kept my skin from being too oily and also it helped keep me from getting anymore freckles.  I did learn to wait for it to absorb into my skin before I started to put on any BB Cream or foundation. 

I'm not 100% sold on this product for helping remove sun spots or dark circles, but it does help prevent them!

Product #2
Oil of Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Tone Correcting UV Moistorizer
Purchase:  local drug store
Price:  $22.44 USD
I actually like this product for a day when I don't want to wear any BB Cream or foundation.  It's a great tinted moistizer and is feels nice on my dry/oily skin.  I did find that applying it, the product felt greasy but dry.  It didn't glide onto my skin like most moistizers but it "stuck" to my skin.  If I put on a gel moistizer it helps but this alone doesn't do well.  I suggest to wear a moistizer under this and use this as a primer.  I've used it a couple of time and I will return to use it and see how I feel about it again and will probably blog again on this product.

Product #3
L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Correcting and Illuminating Skincare Serum
Purchase:  Local drug store
Price:  $19.97 USD

I started to use this product to help with dark spots.  I stopped using it because my skin was not showing dark spots or freckles I didn't want.  I was happy with the product not damaging my skin, I'd rather it not work as well and have to use more of it than having a white spot on my face!  I will revisit this product because you have to use a serum more than just a few times.  I believe there are better items on the market for dark spots but this one for a drug store wasn't too bad. 

Product #4
Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Gel
Purchase:  Local drug store
Price:  $8.94-8.97 USD

I saw this in the store at Walmart and thought about trying it.  I had a large blemish on my upper lip, not the most flattering place to have one!  I was thinking if it didn't work as it said, reduces redness in four hours, I'd return it.  I used it and it did reduce the size, redness and it was gone within a couple of days.  I scar very easily anyways so I'm not unhappy with this product at all.  It didn't work as well on another blemish I had but then again tha blemish was very difficult to get rid of.  I kept applying this gel to that blemish and it went away very easily.  I am very pleased with this product, it doesn't leave any strange odors, doesn't burn when you apply it (don't apply it to an open blemish it may sting then!), it really did reduce redness in four hours, it didn't discolor my bed sheets or towels, and it helped my blemishes go away!  I will recomend this to help with blemishes.  It did dry your skin out, which most do, but remember to moistize when you have to use this so your skin won't have issues later.

Product #5
Lancome Oscillation Powder Foundation with SPF 21
Purchase: or Lancome Counters
Price:  $48.00 USD

I saw this on Michelle Phan's youtube channel some time ago.  Unfortunately I can't find the video of where she shows this product for the first time.  I went out and bought it myself a few months later, saving up to buy it.  I thought it was pretty inexpensive to buy since I like to rotate my foundations around.  I had found this foundation so much nicer than than Bare Minterals.  I prefer this way of putting on foundation than using a kabuki brush.  I found the Bare Mineral kabuki brush to leave strange marks on my face.  It stayed on very well, since I oily skinned.  I didn't like when I didn't use the brush regurally it left those marks.  I am about 1/3 down on my foundation but I bought this at least two years ago.  Since it is a powder foundation it will last much longer than liquid.  Liquid foundation can discolor and expire.  Oh, the only down fall on this is you have to replace the little sponge applicator.  Thankfully I take care of the applicator and it only cost $5.00 USD to replace it.  I am not thrilled with that and I think the batteries are dying.  You can't replace the batters, you may have to buy a whole new oscillater.  But in the end I found this foundation to be amazing.  I can take a concealer brush and dab some of the foundation under my eyes and it hides the dark circles fairly well.  When I run out of this foundation I will save up and purchase it again.  This is by far the best powder foundation I have found!

Plese leave your comments below for any suggestions.  I did get a suggestion recently and will hopefully find some products to blog on for that.  I hope everyone had a great and safe Labor Day weekend.  Be safe and keep watching.


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