Beauty Products Selection #5

Today's blog is primers and foundations.  I have only one primer I found that's drug store and two from high end stores.  The foundations are both inexpensive and can be found as drug store brands. 

I try to find items that are not more than $20 but sometimes when you want a good quality product you have to break the bank a little.  I found most stores will return items if you don't like them.  Walmart is the best about it, just tell them you didn't like the product and yes you did try it out.  No harm there, just annoying to stand in line waiting.  

Product #1
Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Correcting Primer
Price:  *estimated $9.56 USD  (I tried to look on but the prices vary from store to store)
What did I like about it, nothing special.  It did cover my red spots and some blemishes but it didn't last.  As well it was strange to get the product out on the brush.  You have to turn the tube a few times when you first purchase it and then the product comes pouring out.  I feel too much product comes out on the brush at once and it's not easy to blend it on your face.  I did like that I didn't have to actually scoop it out though.  I don't like the brush because I can't clean it like I do with my make up brushes.  It's too much of a waste of time to use this in this packaging.  If it was in a tube or had  wand, I'd be willing to keep using it.  I may end up throwing mine away here soon.

Product #2
Urban Decay Brightening Potion
Purchase: or
Price:  $31.00-too expensive on USD (at both stores $31.00 USD)
Who doesn't like Urban Decay products?!  I love their super pigmentated eye pallets and how pretty the packaging comes with all products.  This product is suppose to reduce your pores.  I liked how it got my foundation or BB Cream to stay on my oily face.  It doesn't smell odd, it is white in color and a little goes a long way.  I don't feel I have to use too much to make my make up stay on.  I would like to try the other primer they have but it is often sold out.  I'll purchase this again, even if it's a little out of my price range.  I can always rotate it out with a cheaper primer.

Product #3
Make Up Forever HD Primer
Purchase: or
Price:  $16.00 USD

Love love love Makeup Forever primer!  It's amazing and can do what drug store brands cannot!  It is more pricey for such a small amount, I rotate it out often and use this for special occasions only.  I cringe at how much it cost for such a tiny tube though.  I'll say it really helps even more than Urban Decay to keep my makeup on my super slick face.  My makeup tends to end up fading and looking yucky after a few hours because I'm super oily.  I know it'll pay off when I'm older but right now making my makeup stay really stinks!  So this product is something I will save up to buy.  

Product #4
Revlon Color Stay 24 Hrs.
Purchase:  Any drug store
Price:  Approximately $9.98 USD

They have this for oily and dry skin.  I bought for oily skin.  I gave a bottle to a friend to try, she's getting married soon, and she liked the color match but didn't like how difficult it was to wash off!  I have to admit it is really tricky to wash off when you're just trying it on.  I do like how long it will last during work or even after work.  It doesn't budge on my skin and I don't even have to use a primer to make it stay!  So excellent for a drug store brand and also it stays on much longer than any of the mineral foundations I've used.  I love this product and found it super inexpensive when I need to use it for a special event.  I have to buy the lightest or second lightest color.  I'm rather fair skinned, I don't go out to tan at all, so I have trouble finding a light colored foundation that isn't pink based.  I'm more "yellow/olive" undertone and growing up to have a foundation that was a drug store brand was NOT easy.  I just bought the ones that make me look Kabuki-style and waited for it to change to my skin color or I just looked a little pale...  Those days are WAY over now!  Revlon is a great line, I feel better than Maybelline for me at least.  So I will always buy this one for my drug store foundation go to!

Product #5
NYX HD Studio Foundation
Price:  $14.99 USD

I bought this in Ulta to try it out.  I saw someone on try and they liked it.  I am not so impressed with it.  It's a little too sheer for me to classify it as a foundation.  It's more like a light BB Cream or tinted moisturizer.  I did like how it matched my skin tone.  I was a little disappointed in how it wasn't a medium coverage, it was more of light.  It looked nice and natural though.  I have to admit, since it is a less expensive product, I couldn't expect too much from it.  I felt a little mislead with the HD thrown in there.  I don't think I'll buy this product again but I would recommend it to someone who needs just minimal coverage.  I'm not big on full coverage but when I want a foundation to work, I want full coverage, I want it to last ALL DAY LONG!  I may give a sample of this to my friend and see how she likes it, if I haven't already, I forget now... 

(Also did you see the price?!  It's almost double of what the Revlon one is.  *cries*)

Anyways this is our weekly five (5) products that I've reviewed.  If you have any suggestions in other beauty products, house hold, clothing, I will attempt to purchase the product and give a review on it.

I will be doing a "re-review" on a few products I mentioned earlier posts with photos of the product on me!  You will see my happy face and see how I felt about the product.  

Until next time!


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