The Beauty Blender

I had a Sonia Kashuk blending sponge however I had been DYING to try the Beauty Blender.  I am trying to save up for a house right now buying extra things that are more than $10.00 USD is out of the questions without saving up for that first.  I was blessed to have a sister who is into these kind of things.  She has gotten two of them.  I asked her how she liked it and she LOVES using the Beauty Blender.  She gave me the second Beauty Blender since I was wanting to try one.  Let's just say I LOVE it too!

I was very fond of my Sonia Kashuk one too, however the Beauty Blender is much nicer.

I know this is corny however I felt this picture was worth posting...  It's true, I feel my makeup is much nicer once I use the Beauty Blender and I've seen it's much easier to use than a brush.  The brush leaves marks from the bristles and you're having to go over your makeup, again, and make sure you don't have any streaks from the brush.

I noticed there were a few draw backs with using a sponge, even if it was as good as this one.  The pros and cons are about the same but I feel if you want a good application then you'll just save up a few extra dollars a month to get something worth your money.  I really don't like wasting my money on products that don't work.  I find this product expensive however you get your money's worth.  If you buy the set with two Beauty Blenders with cleanser, that's about $40.00 USD.  Each blender lasts about three months.  So you just got half year's worth of blenders.  Plus you get the cleanser too.  Each blender is about $20.00 USD a piece when it's not in a set.  Not to mention how much the cleanser is, $17.95 USD.  So you really do get a deal.  Even if you get them in a set without the cleanser you're getting a very good deal.  So let's do a little math.

The total of two sponges together is $30.00 USD.  Divide that into six and you get:  30.00/6 = $5.00 USD a month for the two sponges.  WOW, you can save up a few dollars, probably $5.00 USD a week and have your sponges in less than three months.  Or you can save up $10.00 USD a week and have that even sooner.  The trick to saving up for an expensive item is saving a little a month and putting it away specifically for that item.  It works, I've done this for a long time, and it's worth it.  You'll treasure your items much more and you won't be putting yourself into the black hole of debt!

Now they have two new Beauty Blenders on the market.  I like the pink color just because it set them aside from everyone else.  Now the competition is all colorful and Beauty Blender looks a little bit left in the dust.  So they now have ones in black and white.  The black ones are called Pro Beauty Blenders.  They're sold in a set for about $30.00 USD.

The white Beauty Blender, Pure Beauty Blender, is $20.00 and sold in single packs.  I have a feeling they'll start selling them in a double pack later on but still it's nice to get something in a different color.

This is the solid cleanser for the sponges.  I was thinking it was a little weird looking but after researching it, it looks so much easier than using the cleansing soap.  This retails for about $16.00 USD.  You can buy this with the Pure Beauty Blender in a set together for $50.00 USD

The original cleanser is about $18.00 USD

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  1. Great info, Jen! I didn't realize they had a solid cleanser. Thanks for keeping the rest of us in the know. You're the best!


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