Coming Back Soon!

Oh my!  It's been since March since I last blogged.  OMG, that's a long time.  I had to step away and get some time to myself.  Blogging about beauty products and keeping up with the latest drug store items was hard honestly.  I just didn't have time to write about them and I wasn't trying anything new.  I also am running out of space for all my items.  I also don't really have the money to be buying more than what I need.

I had no extra money to be spending on items that I wanted.  Plus no time or motivation to be doing reviews!  I am getting paid a little more now, but I really spent too much money lately and am trying to start re-saving very fast.  

I have to work a lot more in the recent months too.  We had two employees who moved away and now we are short. So when someone is off for whatever, there is over time to sign up for.  It's great extra money but it really can wear you out!  I'm trying to count my blessing in the extra over time.  I can take it as money or compensation time.  Yes, my job still gives us compensation time!  It's great to have that extra time for when you want a longer vacation and ran out of vacation days.

Anyways I did buy some new items with a coupon, yup going back to coupon ing!, so I can save a few bucks.  I really am also doing a tightening of my budget.  Is it just me or has inflation been really bad where you live too?  

My job hasn't given us a real raise since I started.  I am now on my highest certification for my job and am getting a tiny bit more money from it.  Every little bit helps so I am thankful for that too.  This next fiscal year we will FINALLY get a raise!  I don't care what it is, but I am happy to get it.  We have been getting a little extra money for cost of living increase but it's not enough.

So I am back to blogging here and also on my persona site off  I know, two different platforms for blogging.  I used to blog on but Xanga went broke and they won't be running much longer.  Shame since that's where I started blogging the most.  I also did some blogging on too.  But that place was weird.  I made friends from Xanga that I am friends with on Facebook too.  I've even met them in person!

Anyways I should be posting some new things here shortly.  

Stay tuned and give me any suggestion in what you'd like me to do.  Maybe one of the companies will see my blog and sponsor me!  That would be AWESOME!!!

Until next time,


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