Hello to all my viewers out there!  Due to the lack of blogs I've been trying to find the items I wanted to blog about.  I got really caught up in working a lot in my officer and also training our new hires.  It's been great working so much and putting away money but it's been frustrating working so much.  I can't wait to write more and also start up my youtube channel some time in the near future!

I'm trying to save to buy a house.  I don't really want to live in an apartment.  The reasons for that are the following:

1.  If I move into a house that means I have to hire a moving company and I don't want to spend the money on that.
2.  I don't want to move furniture.  I want to get a temperpedic bed that you can manipulate the bed frame.  Try moving that!!!  And I'd like a nice couch that is one of those recliner types.  Yes those are the only two heavy pieces of furniture I'd like to have.  I also want to have more than just one bedroom.  I want a real place. ;)
3.  Neighbors....  I don't want to share walls with neighbors.  People are loud and sometimes immature who live in apartments.  I'm not saying that homeowners are any better, but you won't have to complain about someone doing jumping jacks at 10 p.m. when you're trying to sleep.

So most the extra hours I've been working have been going towards the down payment for a house.  Now I can afford a house but also remember there are property taxes and home owner insurance to think about.  I found a great two story house BUT it backs up to a not so nice part of the city where I currently live in.  I would LOVE to buy the house but only if the junky part of town was being removed.

So I am only 1/4 into my savings for the down payment.  Now, I also have to save money for the furniture, pantry items, new bedding, bath room items, kitchen ware, and TV.  I doubt I'll watch much TV, more stuff from amazon.com or video games.  I do more online stuff than I do anything else.  So I'll probably buy one of those amazon sticks for the TV.  I won't have cable, but I will have internet and probably a land line too.

But those extra expenses really add but up when it comes down to it, I'd like to own a house.  I hope that my current job will include a nice raise sometime soon.

So onto the other reason for my blog post.  I have some items I haven't blogged about yet but intend to.  Since I quit using a lot of makeup, it was hard to test some items out.  I've noticed my skin got a lot better after not using so much makeup and I break out even less.  I'm excited and happy to try the items I've neglected to test out and blog about.

With the potential youtube channel I hope to start filming when I get my own place or sooner.  Since I am with family it's hard to tape with others in the house.  I'd like to actually tape then use music and instead of talking, use captions.  The music part is hard because I want to use a good song that's easy to loop but not annoying.  We'll see how this goes.

Stay beautiful,



  1. You're so diligent! Saving is always hard, but good for you for having goals and making strides in them! 😘


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