Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar

Hello out there!!  I'm really sorry I haven't gotten to blog more lately.  I got caught up with starting a bunch of blogs then side tracked with working, got hurt, got in a minor car accident, working, and trying to keep life together.

I'm not working at night like I was so writing in this isn't as easy.  I had more time to type than I do now.  I work during the daytime so I am hoping to find time after work to do this.  I go home and am too tired to write anything or stare into a computer screen for another long length of time.  

But I have these fantastic starters which I hope to bump out this weekend.  I will have the dates set for Saturdays and hopefully I'll make the effort finish the blogs.  I also hope some day to have blogging as a profession.  So none of my blogs are sponsored.  If they were, I would have written in the beginning of the blog that it was a sponsored blog, aka, I'm being paid.  

So let's get to today's product!

Apparently Bioré has gotten into the whole charcoal fad.  I do believe charcoal has been used for centuries in helping pull impurities from the body.  This was used to help with stomach aches, skin conditions, and various other ailments. 

Bioré has a charcoal face soap.  It comes in as a bar and is used to help clear up acne issues.  I purchased it after having some issues with acne flare ups.  I read the box, it said to use twice a day but if it was too drying, use only once a day.  I started out using it once a day.  Every day.  This was a HUGE mistake.  I had gotten a sunburn earlier this year and my skin was very sensitive.  I didn't think it'd be this bad, but my cheeks were so red, it looked like I had been burned!  I quickly stopped using it and made sure to moisturize often.  
I would recommend using this products only as a once a week or once a month product.  I wouldn't say to use it every day unless you have been told by the doctor or your skin is very oily.  Even being oily, you should moisturize after using this soap!  

The soap is good and will clear up your acne, but just be warned, it's very drying and can cause it to look burned....

Would I buy this product again?  Probably not.  If I do, I'd like a smaller, sample size.  It was fun to try but the results were not what I expected...  Other than that, I'd say use something else.  This being my first negative product review, I am very shocked.  I was excited to sue this and see how great this product was, since it is Bioré.  I was disappointed....

Well until next time!

Stay beautiful!



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