Favorite Youtube Channels Part 3

This is my third set of Youtube videos that I watch.

#11:  saskiasahi/manwomanfilm

I saw this youtuber as a recommendation awhile ago.  Originally I began watching her manwomanfilm videos and then saw she moved to saskiasahi.  I enjoyed watching her first channel and also I keep up with her new channel as well.

My favorite thing about her main channel is how simple and easy she makes everything look.  She doesn't explain what she's doing because she has so many subscribers from all over the world, it'd be too much to always have a translation.  Some of her videos she doesn't have a translations, only spoke in Japanese, so I can't really understand what's going on.  I love the looks she's done and how fun they are.

This is a fun channel to watch!

#12:  atKristasBradford

Krista Bradford is friends with Michelle Phan and they do some collaborations together.  I like how simple her looks are and how I could do them at home. 

I did complain to her once that she said "uhm" way too often through out one of her videos.  She did this often in the first few videos that it became very distracting to me.  Of course I was polite about it but the next video she did, there were no "uhm" in it AT ALL!  I was happy to see she took that comment, if she even read it or someone else's comment, and listened.  I hope the other people who noticed it were nice and not rude saying stupid things like:  Krista you're a stupid hoe that can't talk in videos!  *On a side note, I really really dislike rude comments on public sites.  It's flat out stupid and shows how your lack of manners.*  I like to say something that is critical to help but not rude and criticizing. 

I really do like her videos and I wish she would produce more but I like the way she does her videos on a whole.  Keep up the good work Krista!

#13:  aeriskitchen/aeriskitchenwithsempio

Aeri just had her second baby so right now there aren't any new videos up.  I mean who could do ANYTHING with a new born baby, even if it's your second, third, fourth et al?  I can't wait for her new videos to come out.

She does some traditional Korean food that are easy to follow and all the ingredients are listed in the descritption box below.  As well they are listen in the video, you just have to pause it.  The list of ingredients are easy to find, most of the time and taste pretty good.

I can't say there is anything I'd change about her videos.  She's super cute and very kind!

#14:  MakeupGeek

I like the looks she does.  She uses alot of the high end products but does use some drug store items too.  She has beautiful lashes, which I am really jealous of.  I am happy to see she decided to change her diet and lost a lot of weight through this healthy life style change.  She promotes healthy eating and some videos of hers are dedicated to healthy eating.

I don't really care for her voice.  I find it too high pitched and a little annoying.  I usually mute her videos now because she talks too much during her make up applications.  There are a few make up artist videos I have to do this to because they ramble on or I don't like their voice.  That's just a personal thing and nothing against the youtuber at all.  They do amazing videos and spend many hours creating, editing and filming them so I cannot say anything they do is wrong, it's just me. ;-)

Would I recommend her videos to someone else?  Of course!  She is fantastic at what she does so why not share?

#15:  runnyrunny999

RunnyRunny999 is probably one of the funniest amature food channels!  I'm glad he has a sense of humor in this cruel world.  ;-) 

Some of his videos there are items that you cannot get here in North America.  No worries because Runnyrunny999 let's you know, you can use any kind of substitute!  I like when he makes a mistake or tries to be funny in English.  Funniest part is when he can't say an English word and totally botches it.  He knows he makes a mistake so he tries to correct it, only it gets funnier and funnier as he tries to. ;-)  Sorry Runnyrunny999 I love watching you be funny!

His cooking videos are mainly requests.  He does a really good job in trying to keep up, hard to when people send in requests all the time!, and the food looks tasty. 

Would I recommend his channel, heck yes! 

Stay tuned for next week when we celebrate Chinese New Year!


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