Favorite Youtube Channels Part 4

This week's porition of favorite youtube channels include to non-makeup channels.  I will start posting about the other hobbies I watch on youtube.

What I love about this channel is the English subtitles with the Japanese subtitles.  It helps when I cannot understand the voice over.  I do appreciate that the English subtitles are accurate and the spelling is correct!  I also like a large majority of the food Chef and Dog cook together.  Everything is very orderly and so neatly done!  I love it :)

What I don't like is when the ingredients are not available in North America or that I am allergic to some of the recipes.   

#17:  ShooRaynerDrawing

I like Shoo's personality and also his British accent!  He is a very easy going person, at least he seems so on his channels, and he explains how to draw in a very simple manner.  He takes alot of time to make his videos and it looks like he dedicates alot of his extra time with his family.  I love watching Mrs. Rayner cook!  It's so much fun to see British food being made. 

Shoo is such an encouraging person in his teachings!  I love watching him draw, just for fun.  I am a bit of a drawer, more of a photographer, but he makes it look so easy!  Also he has another channel for his life and some of his easy drawing.  I love all channels.  He also doesn't use products that you can't get wherever you are.  He just gives examples of what he uses and honestly you can use any kind of medium to draw with. 

I find him to be easiest to understand and learn from on www.youtube.com.  I give him two thumbs up, if I had more thumbs those would go up too!

#18:  Tanya Burr

Tayna is a future sister-in-law to the Pixiwoo sisters.  She is engaged to their brother.  So another British channel I watch.  Tayna does different looks than her future sister-in-laws.  She also has a life blog that she does with her fiance.

I do enjoy her tutorials but I feel that I don't always fit with what she does with her looks.  Maybe I use a very toned down look and some of her looks are too bold and I don't find them as much fun as Pixiwoo's.  She did an awesome version of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 look for Bella.  L-O-V-E-D it!  I do recommend her channel only because she shows off a lot of products that are easy to get and also majority of her looks are wearable.

I like this channel as well.  She does many looks that are wearable and good for most people.

What I don't like is how infrequent she does videos.  Or maybe that I don't like haul videos as much.  When people do hauls, they often ramble and I find that very boring and I'll skip through the video.  I don't see her do many tutorials lately so when she does a video I check and if it's a haul, I skip it.

Oh as well her voice overs are WAY too loud for some reason.  It sounds like her microphone is over modulating.  That can be very much a turn off when listening to a video.

#20:  Xteeener

Another Korean who does make up tutorials, YAY!!  I like her videos because they're more geared for the mono-lids.  I have a semi mono-lid.  Also her looks are doable.  

Again she does too many hauls or when she's into isn't something I'm looking for.  Maybe that I'm too old for the looks or that she's into a very different style than what I'm looking for.  I'm not saying she's a bad youtuber, just not what I'm into.  After all I am in my 30's.  I still recommend her channel because she does some great tutorials for the younger crowd!

I think this is the majority of the youtubers I watch.  What's next, come back next Saturday and you'll find out!!!

Take care!


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