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Since I was sick I wasn't able to try out too many new products.  I also was trying to curb my spending habits as well.  I am now on a strict budget but this last week I was sent a check from the hospital.  I had gotten sick earlier this year and apparently I over paid on some of my bills.  *That or the hospital over charged me.*  I got a nice check which went and paid off the typical bills that needed to be paid and also saved a little bit for spending!  I was very excited and made my way to the large mall in the city.

I spent alot more than I had anticipated however I feel that I needed a few new piece of clothing, since the last things I've bought were only t-shirts.  I needed some new jeans.  I had lost a few pounds since May of this year.  I also started doing It Works Body Wraps.  It took about a couple of weeks to see a really good result but it's lasted over a month, nearly two.  I did my second wrap last week.  I am waiting to see some results.  I didn't refrain from sugar but I am watching what I'm eating.  I noticed my belly is not as bloated and I am able to fit into my old "skinny jeans".  Some of my old "skinny jeans" are now my "fat jeans"!  I'm so excited!!!  I bought new jeans that are fitted because I lost weight in my thighs, even though I did the skinny wrap on my belly.  Either way I was excited to fit into a smaller size!  So I encourage you to try the skinny wraps, let me know if you want to get some, I have a good friend who sells them and will help answer questions about the product.  It's not a gimmicky sort of product, it's healthy and really works!

So onto other things I bought:
Charlotte Ruse
Refuge Boot Cut Jeans
$20.00 USD
I have tried to put on the skinny jeans but I think they look silly on me.  Being older, in the 29 Forever Club, I think Skinny jeans are for teenagers.  So I bought the boot cut jeans.  L-O-V-E this cut and the style.  I had to buy the "short" ones which still needed to be hemmed up.  Going to the tailor's is a good excuse to buy a nice bread for her and she gives me a good discount on the hemming... 

I feel Charlotte Ruse is a good place to shop for me, for short people and also forever stuck in junior size...  They're having a sale on these jeans, they're usually $35.00 USD but I got them for $20.00 USD.  I had bought my first pair for $15.00 USD but they ran out of my size. 

Charlotte Ruse
Black Skirt

I saw this skirt and thought it wouldn't hurt to try it on.  I rarely buy skirts anymore but I really need some for church or going out.  I bought this because it looked nice and didn't seem too tight.  I dislike skirts that show off the backside too much.  I might buy some more skirts from Charlotte Ruse only because they're fairly inexpensive and last for more than one season.

Forever 21
Faux Leather Shorts
$17.80 USD

I decided to buy these because I saw a pair in Target but I was already in the mall and didn't want to stop anywhere else on my way home.  I wanted the pair in Target but felt like it was such a bad idea because I was wanting to drop a size, which I am almost at.  I know I'll be too old to wear these soon but just for fun for the fall I'll get these. 

I told my friend about these and all he could think of was the episode of F*R*I*E*N*D*S where Ross buys a pair of leather pants.  He goes on a date but had to use the toilet and is sweating so much he couldn't put the pants back on.  Ross ends up with all this lotion and baby powder on him.  His date kicks him out of her place, thinking he's a pervert.  I laughed but also cringed....

In college I did have a pair of faux leather pants.  I think I'm almost too old to wear even shorts....

Hot Topic
Hot Pink Knee High Socks
$8.50 USD

I love wearing knee high socks at work.  I wear long pants so no one sees them.  I love the color, very bright and vibrant.  I have a collection of colored socks.  During the winter it gets cold in our office so these socks are great for cold weather.  They stay up even after having a pair for nearly two years.  I needed something colorful to wear, maybe with my crazy shorts I bought?

Hot Topic
Glow in the Dark Knee High Socks
$8.50 USD

I'm so into knee high socks, it's a little scary!  I love the argyle style socks and the cute little stars that glow in the dark!  I can't wait to try these out!

Basic Long Sleeved Girls Shirt
Size 12-14
$6.95 USD

One of the best things about dropping weight is going down a shirt/pants size.  I am small framed and was able to fit into a girl's shirt.  These are much less expensive, okay only $3.00 USD but that's enough to almost buy another shirt!  I got this one and a white with dark blue stripes for the same price.  The amount I saved could have bought another shirt!  I'm impressed with how stretchy the shirt is and how nice it's made.  I liked the neckline, very cute!  I'll buy more from H&M in the girl's department because the regular sizes are cut strange and they never seem to have small sizes....

Korean Face Masks
Aproximately $3.00 USD per Mask

This mask looks promising!  I want to stop breaking out like a teenager.  Recently my hormones have changed and I'm breaking out from everything!!!  I think it has to do with the homepathic stuff I'm taking, detoxing maybe?  I haven't tried this mask yet but I am excited to. 

You start out with the two packets on top and then use the sheet mask.  I'll post another blog about this product but just follow the directions I guess.  I with there was more English on these products, since they are sold here in America.  I'll try to guess...

This is the real reason why I bought it.  It says:  Maeseon-Tox Mediental Clinic Mask.  I hope this will detox my skin so I'll stop breaking out and maybe it'll help heal some of my scars and pock marks.  I think the pock marks are not going to go away, except with time, but maybe the scars from the acne will get better.

This particular Korean mask is suppose to help brighten and even out skin tone.  On the back it says it has deer antler in it.  Okay Korea, I'm now used to the thought of snail extract in my make-up but more animal products?  YISH!  I tried this one today, it smelled wonderful, very Chinese medicine-y though.  I liked how soft it make my skin.  The only down fall was how sticky my face was later on.  But my skin feels so soft! 
I was happy the mask wasn't too big for my face.  Usually the face masks are too bit and often get in my hair.  This one was just the right size for me.

This one is for oily skin.  I'm not just oily, I'm stinking GREASY!  One thing about having super oily skin is I don't age.  My skin is very soft but I alos make sure to moisturize, even though I'm oily skinned.  I can't wait to try this one.  I just hope it's not sticky like the other one.

This one looks like it's suppose to help hydrate your skin.  I also dislike that it's in Japanese and very little English to tell you what the heck it's suppose to do.  Anyone who can translate Japanese for me I'd be really greatful!  I'm excited to try this one because my face gets these weird dry patches that won't go away even if I exfoliate and moisturize.  This one was also inexpensive.

Forever 21
Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches
$4.80 USD

I've tried the eye patches from the Korean market, I'll do a review on those too.  They made my under eyes feel so hydrated!  I bought these to help reduce the dark circles.  They're suppose to be 6 packets in the box.  I didn't look and only got 5.  *sigh*  Jerk stole a pair from the box.  I guess I'll buy some more from Forever 21 when I go there next time.  I can't wait to try these :-)

Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Pallete:  Poetica
$36.00 USD

I love eye shadow palletes.  I just can't get enough of them.  I usually buy Urban Decay but I've heard alot of good things from Kat Von D.  I'll do a review on this product soon.  I liked these colors sine I don't have them in any other palletes I own. 

Sephora 500 Point Beauty Insider
$ Free

I cashed in my Beauty Insider points on the last product I bought.  I love Dior's perfume.  I have the perfume in the purple bottle, Dior Addict Eau Sensuelle.  I liked the Dior Addict Eau Fraiche as well.  The mini  lipstick is in a cute pink color.  It's called Dior Addict Must Have.  It looked good on too!  I'm not a good pink lipstick girl, too neutral colored.  But I loved these mini Dior Addict products!

I hope to do a review on all these products soon, more details to come!

Come back next Saturday!



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