Favorite Youtube Channels Part 1

This website had changed my life.  I can't imagine how difficult it is trying to find a tutorial or what something online without this site.  I believe youtube has united so many people together in different aspects of life.

I wasn't big on youtube for a long time until I began to watch Michelle Phan's makeup tutorials.  She has some fantastic tutorials that helped me up on eye shadow.  What I liked was Michelle is not white, she's Asian, Vietnamese to be exact.  So that helps me figure out how to do my eyeshadow accordingly!

Here are my top picks of youtubers!

#1:  Michelle Phan

I like Michelle as I said before, she was the first Asain youtuber I watched.  I love her old videos where she didn't speak, but explained what she was doing in writing or just watch the video.  Her spoken videos are muche better than some of the other youtubers out there.  She doesn't ramble often but instead used a script.  I find that much better because she doesn't say "like" or "uhm" often. 

I love the tutorials she does because I can wear them myself on a regular basis.  I relate to the fact that I don't have double eye lids and was so happy to have found a youtuber who could explain how to put on eye shadow to fit my needs. 

She has a separate channel that she does other videos on that I do watch:  RiceBunny.  It's a good channel to watch for other things besides makeup tutorials

Promise is Michelle's sister-in-law.  I know there is a younger half sister of Michelle's and I sort of knew about Steve, Promise's husband.  Promise is from Nepal and has been doing transformation videos for a long time.  This is how she met Steve, through youtube. 

I like her old and new videos because she doesn't ramble on and on.  It sounds like she reads from a script but it's good because she sounds intelligent.  She has alot of fun tutorials and different looks that make her channel appealing.  I like that she uses both high end and drug store products. 

I don't like that she uses products or brushes but doesn't explain which one it is in the video, though it is explained in the comments below the video.  I think I prefer when the products are mentioned when they're actually using them.  That is really my only complaint about her videos, but they are all very excellent!

#3:  Vintageortacky

Cora is so cute!  I love her edgey looks and how bold the looks are.  I also like that she's not afraid to try new products and she tries to use only animal free tested products.  I never thought of that but she's right about animal testing.  I am not a huge fan of watching poor animals being used a test subjects and being injected with make up products!  I'm not trying to advocate for you all to stop using your make up because
 it's being tested on animals but I think I will be more aware of it.  It's nice to have a different view on make up.

I like the products Cora uses and that she explains what she is doing in her videos.  What I don't really care for is when she rambles.  I don't think she goes by a script as much as Promise and Michelle.  She keeps her thoughts together but then she starts rambling too much in the beginning of her videos lately.  I skip through the start and begin where she starts the actual tutorial.

I still would highly recommend her channel because she has many helpful tips in how to make the colors work for you

#4:  NikkieTuroials

Nikkie is a younger, I think she's 19 or 20 now, make up artist.  Her mother is into make up as well.  I found her channel because I watched Cora's.  She also does more edgey looks.  She is located in Europe so it's another view point of make up and colors.

I like that she explains which products she uses while she's doing the tutorial but she also rambles or says strange things in her tutorials.  I also dislike that the products she uses are sometimes only offered in Europe.  I can't help that but I hope some of their drug store brands would be available to North America. 

Again this is another highly recommended channel to watch!

#5:  Pixiwoo

I love listening to the British!  These sisters have the cutest tutorials that are very wearable on an everyday basis, almost.  Majority of the tutorials are easy to do and also they do tutorials for different skin tones and eye colors.  Their main channel is very professional they're super nice.  I find they explain what they're doing very well but don't babble. 

They're both super cute and also they have a channel called Pixiwoomadness where they ramble about daily life stuff. 

My only complaint is that some of their European products aren't available to us in North America.  Other than that I give their channel two thumbs up! 


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